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Welcome to Autumn

Welcome to Autumn, beautiful beings…….


Author Jennifer Stroud, 5th November 2017

Welcome to Autumn, beautiful beings.

Autumn is such a beautiful season don’t you agree?

Within Mother Nature this is the time of change , when the plants shed themselves of what is no longer needed and nature becomes much stiller . autumn is a  time of stillness which allows us to prepare to be fruitful and energised for new life in spring.

Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said, “The only constant is change.”…..Autumn and spring really are the greatest seasons of change….one is active and growing  and one passive and regenerating.

At this season , autumn ….We can reflect this back to our own human experience and remember within our own cycle that our bodies, our minds, and our energy and spirit  are always developing….yet….Do we give ourselves time to regenerate before our active phase ?

It is so important to look at our lives and ensure we are not being overly active at this time of year….in traditional Chinese medicine this would create an excess of YANG energy within the self when we should be preparing for passive and regeneration phase.

Talking of being too active …..we make time to workout our body and yet we often neglect the importance of training the mind….why do we often hold the belief that one is more important than the other?
Is it perhaps because our modern world is so consumed by the exterior ?
In truth if we have a balanced mind then the body will automatically follow suit as we have no need to rely and crave on addictive foods , substances, behaviours , things etc.
This is called living in our truth…… would you like to be free to live this way ?



Free your mind

The workshops I developed earlier this year have been super successful (bless you and thank you for coming and developing your mind power!)
Why do I think these workshops are so successful ?

Well the workshops are designed to give you a truly holistic mind training experience.

Many people try one type of meditation and find its not right for them ….so they don’t practice again.

Meditation, just like exercise…is great but only if you find the exercise that works for you.

These workshops incorporate using tools from my clinical hypnotherapy practice which anchors your subconscious with trigger words, metaphors etc to align you to the true concept of growth / releasing burdens , anxiety, etc and freeing you up.

We then focus on active meditation using Qi  gong ( the basic foundation of tai chi ) ….but we really  don’t move too much …still seated in your chair or on your mat but (very much like yoga )this is aligning your mind and body in union.

The only other difference is qi  gong also works your meridians ( energy pathways through the body that are also linked to organs and systems of the physical being ) ….and each of those qi gong  moves is connected to an energy line ( meridian) within your body .

Oooo and so importantly we always incorporate work to balance the chakra system within the body . Keeping it very simple the chakras are our energy systems both within and outside of the physical body……within this workshop we only focus on the primary ones that affect the physical aspects of ourselves.

I also do more comprehensive workshops for those who want a deeper understanding of the more complex aspects and the psychological connection with the chakras. If you are interested in this then contact me as they are much smaller groups and tailored to the levels that suit the individual group.

The way out is within

So what else has been happening …..well I’m very excited to say that we have a fair few  babies on the way …any of you that follow me on social media will have seen the posts.

I feel so blessed to be a part of the journey that my lovely clients embark on to bring new life into the world.
These clients have seen the amazing benefits of The Fertility Method Massage (Arvigo)  work I do
Along with the Fertility Reflexology. Happy days and I feel so blessed to be a part of this amazing journey of life .



So many of you know that for many years now I have Been working with energy medicine ( kinesiology, EFT, Theta and I am now also a Soul Journey Practitioner ) at the core of my practice in Energy Medicine recognizes energy as a vital, living, moving force that determines much about health and wellbeing and to stay in good health our vital life force energy needs to be unblocked.

It’s a very exciting  time for the planet right now as the energy of the planet is changing , altering the magnetic fields that surround the earth, causing them to weaken and change.
Science has proven and is gaining more information daily about the profound connection we each have with the magnetic fields of the earth. As the magnetic field shifts our biorhythms, heartbeats and meridian system are all beginning to align into a singular rhythm that in turn aligns with the heartbeat of the earth.

As this alignment with the heartbeat of the earth occurs the process of cellular clearing begins as all of the emotional baggage, thoughts, beliefs and habits that are not aligned with the higher consciousness of well-being come to the surface …….this needs to happen to allow us to shift to a higher consciousness. That baggage keeps us vibrating at a low resonance.

So I’m finding people are finding me , knowing that they need something to clear or heal but not quite sure what it is…..that’s where kinesiology is a great tool ( especially for you logically or scientifically based souls ).

There will be more self Development workshops coming up which are very small groups which give you the knowledge and framework for this stuff but also each participant receives a kinesiology balance to dig out the soul level stuff and work through those blocks…..some of you I know are seeing the shifts now….what you are feeling you are healing
If you are interested then let me know as the groups are very specialised based on energy matching of the participants.

PoM News
11:11 Peace of Mind Health celebrates the birth of POM health 

11 11

Happy birthday to us !

Every day i feel blessed  and very grateful to be doing the work the work that i do …the satisfaction, freedom , creativity , Growth and abundance it gives me i am thankful for every single day . At this time of year when 11:11 our birthday comes up i am even more mindful of the journey that brought me here.

Read more here…….

More training….

Anyone who knows me knows how passionate I am about learning and the field of complementary healthcare and in particular energy and quantum medicine is moving so fast . It’s so important to continually develop yourself and your skills I believe.

So on 11:11 ( coincidence??? I think not ) I am embarking upon a 2 year training journey to become a Eco Shamanic Practitioner .

What’s that i hear you cry …..doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue does it ????

Well it’s quite hard to define in limited words as it’s such a vast subject but in summary its becoming a Spiritual specialist or trans personal ( or spiritual) psychologist.

Bringing ancient wisdom from nature , animals , plants , trees, animism and our ancestors and working with soul retrieval and the disassociated client it brings the principles to use into our modern world

This incorporates an even deeper layer of my work within the field of energy medicine , using tools of my soul journey training  ( in psychotherapy we call this the disassociated client ).

If you know me you will know how when you connect to the flow and abundance of the universe and use it well you are given everything you need and I am literally so excited that this has been shown to me …..and I look forward to sharing my journey with you as it unravels.

Follow your soul

Wishing you all an abundant and amazing Autumn x Jeni  x

The Power Of Illness

The Power of Illness

Hi all,

I have been thinking about how we see Illness through the eyes of fear.

How often do you consider the power of Illness ?

Illness is something that creates fear , panic ….we want to get rid of it , zap it , overpower it with drugs or cut it out….fast!

In the negative Illness is actually a loss of power in the whole of your system but  … the positive if we can tune  into why it needs to exist it can be a huge power source to change us for the better .

when we become ill a part of our soul becomes disconnected or  lost. So unless or until we heal it at the soul level , we may Be able to suppress its symptoms for a while, but usually it comes back or goes deeper as the symptoms develop deeper within our physical body.

Illness is a message from parts of our soul we have lost touch with, the parts of us that disconnected and dissociated during traumatic events in our lives.

The more the symptoms feel overwhelming and painful, or the deeper they have gone within the body is showing and guiding you back to a moment we need to revisit, feel and bring love and soul connection back to. When we do this, healing can begin. Sometimes it may be a deep healing journey within, everyone is different.

Often those with no physical symtoms at all can be very numb and closed down. Their soul loss may manifest in different way…… they may find within their life there is always some kind of  outward conflict or accidents etc.

✨everything is a message , Our body disharmony is actually a message to bring us back to love.
✨everything in the universe is vibrating to bring us deeper into love.
✨can you allow yourself to trust and follow these messages ?
✨can you allow yourself to live within the flow of true life force and yourself to operate and manifest from soul level ?
✨can you listen to the power of your illness , when you stop trying to control the body it allows you to see your truth …..the body doesn’t lie …The body keeps the score.
✨can you work through to unravel the wounds of your soul loss ?
✨are you prepared to do what it takes to heal yourself ? …. this is the biggie that most people are actually not prepared to do .

The truth is that the power of illness when you aproach it from soul level can reconnect you, this journey may bring you back to the truth …then,ore we heal at soul,level the more we return to our original biological blueprint which is living in a flow of vitality, radiance and vital life-force energy in abundance .

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Many thanks for reading
Have an amazing day.

Be free…Be happy!


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Soul Journey and the crystalline grid


Hi beautiful beings of light,

Many of you have been asking about working with the new world energies and the vibrational changes.  I will blog today about your Soul Journey and the crystalline grid.

It is an important time to be on earth having this life that you are having. It is a time where we can reconnect to our soul journey in a was we have not been able to for many lifetimes.

Many of you who have been developing yourselves are starting to connect and “awaken” to something, even if you don’t know what that something is …..yet! This is the energy of awakening your dna to your true soul journey.

The science bit is that within the planetary cycle, Our Mother Earth began a new 26,000 year cycle in 2015 . As that cycle completes,  the energy is changing or updating. You may find that during this time you are  now feeling the challenges of this phase of transition to new earth energy within the crystalline grid and new earth (5th dimension).

On a multiversal level this will bring up old patterns , beliefs , baggage and habits as these are human ( ego) or old world energies . In order to move into the crystalline structure ( which vibrates at a much higher resonance ) we must first clear that old stuff . The Eason for this is that the vibrations within the old earth matrix (3rd dimension) are too heavy for the new structure.

The 3rd dimensional grids closed down at the end of September 2016 and the crystalline grids that carry the energy of the 5th dimension are now fully activated. Your soul activation and soul journeycan now happen so much faster.

Now as we are moving through this transitional time, to aligning yourself with your soul / higher self you will find that you need to shed old belief systems ( from the human / ego).
The ego learns through fear, Lack of love , trust, blame , shame, guilt , etc .

If you are struggling with repeated issues , negative karma ( which is like synchronicity happening in the negative) then you may want some help to clear these blocks.

Karma is one of the oldest currencies in the universe….and guess what ….our old patterning also tells us ( falsely ) that we can’t clear it.
In fact this is just a programme that needs updating…..I can help clear this for you.

So as you start shifting your energy body will dictate your physical body ( at the moment for most of you it’s the other way round ). Your DNA is transmuting and atm you are only operational out of 2% of your total DNA capacity. Interesting fact…
science tells us that the other 98% is junk DNA! . Science cannot measure the other strands as it is beyond science terms atm.
This is about evolutionary collective consciousness where every potential and possibility will be held within the DNA.

“DNA is like a computer program but far, far more advanced than any software ever created.”
― Bill Gates

So as you are recoding, your Old human self / ego may be triggered to clear your blocks to allow you to align with your soul journey and also the new world energy.

The way I describe the difference is the vibrations of the crystalline grid / New earth are kind of like how I would imagine heaven to be. Then as the vibrations are starting to come from love and above , those new energies (when we can hold ourselves permanently there ) are in alignment with “ love , openness, trust, respect, integrity, compassion, oneness,….the truth that we could not hurt another or the planet as we are one “

Most human won’t hold this long enough …yet! We are getting there.

Some of the things you can do to help the path are …..
✨sleep , we need plenty of sleep to balance the pineal gland and allow the light energy through.
✨practice meditation to help align and listen to the subtle energies as well as balance the chakras. Being present allows the energy body to cleanse.
✨take time to relax and Be quiet and still. Racing , stress and busy life’s are physical and dense energies that keep us stuck on our lower chakras and we can’t transcend.
✨ Being present is so important at this time.
✨ practice being in nature and listening. you are connected to everything and everything ( no matter how inanimate ) has a vibration. Communication with plants and animals will help.
✨ seek holistic help to clear your blocks, align your soul for your soul journey  etc.

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Be free…Be happy!


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Finding Your True Passion And Purpose In Life

Finding Your True Passion And Purpose In Life – Working With The Law of Attraction 

Hi all,

Ask yourself these questions……

✨Are you generally happy and content in your life ?
✨Do you feel that you have A life that gives you “good luck” and abundance ?
✨Are you living your life doing what inspires , motivates and empowers you ?
✨Are you doing what you would do if money were no object ?

If the answer to any of these questions is no then chances are you have yet to find your true passion and purpose in life. You are not working with the Law of Attraction.

The truth is that your path, purpose and purpose is there….just waiting to be shown to you.
The truth is that you have been operating from a head based logical frame of reference , which is why this hasn’t yet been revealed.
The truth is never going to be there my friends …..
The truth is located within a creative energy space…..the truth is within your heart.💗

As you are operating from a logical “programme ” , this just means that you have deeply rooted beliefs about how the world works ( and therefore what is and isn’t possible )

For example….some of the blocks I often have to clear for clients are ;

~ you must work hard to earn money ( we have false beliefs about working harder to earn money . Often we find we are stressed working all the hours under the sun and still unhappy i have 5 holidays and minimum 65 days off  a year ! )

~ I should stick with where I am , the unknown is too scary ( often we have a block on taking “risks”, so we end up staying in jobs, relationships, friendships etc even though we are unfulfilled and therefore we are settling for a “less than ” mindset )

~ if I am successful in all areas of my life then others won’t like me… ( quite often we have mistaken blocks we create about how people change when they have an abundant life , and therefore we fear becoming that personality)

~ what will I do when I achieve my hearts desire ( again we often block abundance as we fear on a deep leve that when we get is all there will be nothing left …so we keep ourselves just short of the mark !)

Some of the tips I give to my clients before we go into deep dive work are ;

~ write down everything you are grateful for however big or small. Make the list every day, you may find yourself writing the same thing over and over , and you may find new things pop in depending on your current mindset.

~ every evening speak to your soul, your heart or your higher self and ask to be guided and shown that insights.

Ask your heart / soul to show you ; 
~ show me heart what do I need to do to fulfil my life’s purpose ?
~ show me heart a message about my life’s mission
~ show me heart a path or a vision that takes me closer to my true purpose .

And then thank your heart , it is done !

Do this every day and night for 4 weeks and you will start to find those insights come through…also start to notice the synchronicity coming up in the people you meet .

Listen for the messages. …..They are always there.

I work as a Transformational Coach and I can tell you now that  just working through some of this if you are consistent with it  will bring great changes in your life.

If you want to go deeper then I can work with you both one to one and I also do Skype sessions.

The true , amazing , magnificent and authentic you has a great gift and a profound contribution to offer the world.

The true you is here to shine . Give yourself this gift.


Be free….be happy….be healthy !

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Meditation for health and wellbeing.

Meditation for health and wellbeing.

Science has shown us just how effective Meditation can be for our lives. Health, happiness, emotional balance , longer life, weight loss……The Science of Meditation begins to show us how simply  focusing on the breath can improve your overall health and wellbeing.


1. Happiness & emotional balance.
Gaining control and deeper understanding of breath can change how we feel, and studies have shown us this can have a positive effect of up to 40 % change in feelings of anger, fear, joy, and sadness.

2. Weight Loss
So the science bit of mediation shows us how breathing practice increase levels of leptin, ( a hormone produced by fat tissue that signals the brain to inhibit hunger). So stillness can help us LOSE Weight when practiced effectively.

3. Increased energy and stamina
Just 20 minutes of good quality breathing meditation is worth 4 hours quality sleep which revitalises us and gives more wakeing stamina, energy and focus. Also longer term practice enhances sports performance as your body learns how to maximise efficiency of the lungs.

4. Longer life
Meditation and breathwork isinvolved in improving metabolism , reducing stress , balancing the CNS , and reduces inflammation and acidity within the body ( the cause of many diseases is due to either over acidity or inflammation).chronic inflammation is associated with Alzheimer’s, depression, cancer,heart diseases , auto immune disease etc.
So meditation at worst will change your life…….and may even save it !

So in summary, to experience the benefits of meditation, regular practice is necessary and as you begin it can help if you join a class whilst you practice to share the space.
If you practice at home too …..It takes only a few minutes every day…..once you get into the practice I’m sure (like me ) you will find that meditation is the best part of your day!

So if you fancy joining our weekly lunchtime meditation hangout then info is here…… peaceofmindhealth

Thanks for reading!

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Have an amazing day.

Be free…Be happy….Be healthy!


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