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Period Health, Fertility, Baby & You!

Hi All,

I have been thinking about the link between Period Health, Fertility, Baby & You and i thought it would be a good idea to write a blog for those of you wishing to have a baby.
If you are thinking of having a baby then it will be helpful to understand where your body is and period health can give some early indicators to help you with fertility.

In a nutshell , here are my top 5 points about how periods reflect fertility:

1. The amount of blood, thickness, colour and length of bleed……

The blood should be bright red, a healthy flow and last 3-7 days. If you are bleeding -3 days, then your lining may not be thick enough for implantation.

If you have darker blood, then you could have old impacted endometrium that is not shedding, meaning there is less healthy endometrium for the egg to implant on. A Fertility Massage Therapy can help with both of these problems along with castor oil packs. 

2. No period at all or irregular periods……

Unless you are on the pill not having a period is a sign of something not quite right which could be a structural restriction or it could also be that you need to give yourself a better chance of making hormones by eating the right foods. A fertility massage can help with the structural imbalance.

3. Spotting……….

Spotting tends to happen just before a period or around ovulation. In some cases it can be a sign of super fertility, but in other cases, it can be a sign of either an oestrogen or progesterone insufficiency.

4. Painful periods…….

There are so many causes of painful periods, but common ones include micronutrient deficiencies (the same ones you need for good egg quality), adhesions and constriction in the pelvic area, or even tilted pelvis which prevents the womb from emptying the old lining properly, and prevents oxygen and nutrients getting to the womb area in the quantities needed for a lining that can nourish an egg.

5. PMS….

This can be a sign of certain deficiencies such as B6, B9 and B12.

A qualified specialist in Fertility and hormonal health can help you. Fertility Massage Therapy can also help greatly with Period Health, Fertility, Baby & You!

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