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Finding Your True Passion And Purpose In Life

Finding Your True Passion And Purpose In Life – Working With The Law of Attraction 

Hi all,

Ask yourself these questions……

✨Are you generally happy and content in your life ?
✨Do you feel that you have A life that gives you “good luck” and abundance ?
✨Are you living your life doing what inspires , motivates and empowers you ?
✨Are you doing what you would do if money were no object ?

If the answer to any of these questions is no then chances are you have yet to find your true passion and purpose in life. You are not working with the Law of Attraction.

The truth is that your path, purpose and purpose is there….just waiting to be shown to you.
The truth is that you have been operating from a head based logical frame of reference , which is why this hasn’t yet been revealed.
The truth is never going to be there my friends …..
The truth is located within a creative energy space…..the truth is within your heart.💗

As you are operating from a logical “programme ” , this just means that you have deeply rooted beliefs about how the world works ( and therefore what is and isn’t possible )

For example….some of the blocks I often have to clear for clients are ;

~ you must work hard to earn money ( we have false beliefs about working harder to earn money . Often we find we are stressed working all the hours under the sun and still unhappy i have 5 holidays and minimum 65 days off  a year ! )

~ I should stick with where I am , the unknown is too scary ( often we have a block on taking “risks”, so we end up staying in jobs, relationships, friendships etc even though we are unfulfilled and therefore we are settling for a “less than ” mindset )

~ if I am successful in all areas of my life then others won’t like me… ( quite often we have mistaken blocks we create about how people change when they have an abundant life , and therefore we fear becoming that personality)

~ what will I do when I achieve my hearts desire ( again we often block abundance as we fear on a deep leve that when we get is all there will be nothing left …so we keep ourselves just short of the mark !)

Some of the tips I give to my clients before we go into deep dive work are ;

~ write down everything you are grateful for however big or small. Make the list every day, you may find yourself writing the same thing over and over , and you may find new things pop in depending on your current mindset.

~ every evening speak to your soul, your heart or your higher self and ask to be guided and shown that insights.

Ask your heart / soul to show you ; 
~ show me heart what do I need to do to fulfil my life’s purpose ?
~ show me heart a message about my life’s mission
~ show me heart a path or a vision that takes me closer to my true purpose .

And then thank your heart , it is done !

Do this every day and night for 4 weeks and you will start to find those insights come through…also start to notice the synchronicity coming up in the people you meet .

Listen for the messages. …..They are always there.

I work as a Transformational Coach and I can tell you now that  just working through some of this if you are consistent with it  will bring great changes in your life.

If you want to go deeper then I can work with you both one to one and I also do Skype sessions.

The true , amazing , magnificent and authentic you has a great gift and a profound contribution to offer the world.

The true you is here to shine . Give yourself this gift.


Be free….be happy….be healthy !

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Is the Law Of Attraction working for you ?

Is the Law Of Attraction working for you ?

You may have heard about the Law Of Attraction , it became rather popular with the commercial books and films such as “The Secret “. Many people mis-took the message of “abundance” from these teachings and i often work with people to help them gain insights into what the L.O.A is REALLY about…..here are some key factors as to why the L.O.A may not be “working” for you……

~ You are not present in the abundance you already have……

What this means is that if you’re NOT accepting what you’re already getting in life and all that you be then you are already giving out the message of lack or less the to the universe……and guess what…..you will never be able to open up further abundance with this programme running because the universe only gives you what you need (not what you want want want!) in the moment.

~ You are waiting for it to show up…..
What this means is that you are operating from an ego state and also you are putting out to the universe lack of belief….and guess what…the universe fulfils that for you! You have turned off the flow with that anticipation and expectation and also the universe doesn’t register time as we do so you set things into a box (conclusion) and the universe is creative / creation. As you turn of your own creative flow you start to worry about when and how things are going to manifest so you actually tune your frequency to more worrying and planning. Also your lack of belief is a subconscious negative belief that you are creating which brings the negative into manifestation rather than the opposite!

~ You become fixed into an outcome , therefore you sabotage the manifestation……
What this means is that you get your head in the way of the manifestation and expect it to show up in the way your head plans it….for example ….if you want to manifest more money in your life then you may expect to win the lottery or have a windfall of luck….BUT the universe has decided how that more money manifestation is going to arrive. So you find suddenly that you are offered jobs (that may seem inappropriate) or more work or notice new people showing up in your life.
You may have dismissed the manifestation in creation BECAUSE you had such a fixed point of view about HOW the money should manifest and therefore the L.O.A potential was unfulfilled. The universe is creative and i aligning circumstances through which you are capable of acting based on where you are at any time. The universe is actually providing all of the right circumstances and all you have to do is show up and be brave enough to walk the walk!

~ Your thoughts and actions are not aligned…..
What this means is that most people feel that L.O.A isn’t working for them but they don’t participate (as mentioned above) . The L.O.A is a partnership …..yes you and the universe need to work together. If you believe that the L.O.A is just about you thinking something and then it “magically” showing up …hmmmmm! It isn’t a substitute for direct action and involvement. YOU need to take the steps and if you are not taking action on a daily basis then your reality cannot and will not shift.

The L.O.A is ALWAYS working …..you are ALWAYS manifesting…..at EVERY moment , its just whether you are infesting positively , with ease , joy and flow or making it a struggle, negatively and hardship. So be aware of how your life journey manifests now.
Do you have more good or bad “luck” ?
Do you feel like things show up for you or is it a struggle ?
Do you find yourself saying “why me ?”
Do you have awareness of particular numbers, patterns or sequences that follow 369 , 11:11, 1234 etc or in decreasing numbers such as 4321, 532 etc ?
Do you feel “abundant” in your current life or “lacking” somewhat ?

Some key elements that can help you with Law of Attraction include removing what i call “distractor implants” from your life. I have listed some of these below :

Overthinking and over planning.
Trying too hard  to get what you want.
Complaining about the things you do not have or the bad things you’ve manifested.
Worrying about the future.
Trying too hard to fit in with others.
Attending events and gatherings you don’t really want to attend.
Listening to angry and negatively charged music.
Spending too much time with toxic and  negative people.
Blaming and judging other people.
Being fixed and conclusive with outcomes.
Regretting the past.
Explaining yourself to others , seeing yourself as less than or making excuses for your actions.

Law of Attraction is about being in flow and when you are acting out of any of the above it prevents that flow. If you would like to know more about how the L.O.A can work for you then call for an appointment (Skype appointments are also available too).

Thanks for reading!

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e mail : peaceofmindhealth@gmail.com


Email : peaceofmindhealth@gmail.com

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10 Laws Of Attraction That Will Change Your Life

Laws Of Attraction or Laws Of The Universe .

I have found in my life if i remind myself to  follow these laws of the universe (or laws of attraction) which in this format originate from my bhuddist learnings then my life is much happier. I formatted these into 10 laws below and i hope they help you too. Keep them close to remind you as life can get in the way ! Enjoy!

1. The Law of Cause and Effect.

What does this really mean ?

Well whatever we put out in the Universe is what comes back to us.
If what we want is Peace, Happiness, Kindness, compassion, no fighting, Love, Friendship… etc….. Then we should BE Peaceful, Happy, Kind , giving etc and really live every aspect of our lives this way. Only then will our lives be fulfilled.

2. The Law of Creation.

What does this really mean ?

Life doesn’t just HAPPEN, it requires our participation….ACTION …..We have to manifest this (or create our life).
We are connected to  the Universe, not separate from it. So surround yourself with what you want to have in your Life and act as though you have it which will bring it into creation.

3. The Law of Growth.

What does this really mean ?

Often we think it is other people or situations that must change, however for us to really evolve as spiritual beings and grown we need to look within ourselves and be the change we want for  our peace and contentment. We rely on other people for our happiness, and are therefore often disappointed. The only given we have in our lives is OURSELVES and that is the only thing we have control over.
5. The Law Of Responsibility.

What does this really mean ?

We must take responsibility what is in our life as if there is something wrong in our life, there is something wrong within us, our emotions.
We mirror what surrounds us,  and what surrounds us mirrors us. No-one else is responsible for our happiness, our life etc WE are the creators of our world, WE are the only ones that can find peace, contentment , joy in our lives.  (see above law).

6. The Law of Connection.

What does this really mean ?

Everything in the Universe is connected. Every action creates something. So as law 1 states. Every time you do something it affects the collective consciousness of the universe. Past-Present-Future they are all connected too.  If you harm another then you harm yourself, etc. So when you have an interaction with another person who you feel any negative emotion towards, understand that they are PART of you on some level, it will help to send love out , whatever the situation……that is a hard one but important for our collective evolution. If a person commits a negative action then it is because they are living in a state of disconnection, they have not learnt their soul’s  lessons or evolved from that negative place of torture ….yet,  yet so they NEED more love to bring them to a place of peace.

7. The Law of Focus.

What does this really mean ?

So if you think about it you can’t think of two things at once (or focus). So if you are thinking pure thoughts or meditating you will find it impossible to  to have lower thoughts such as greed or anger. So it is impossible to be sad and happy together, you are either in one state or another at any one moment. So focussing on how you wish your thoughts to be will reconnect you back to the grounded thought that you wish to keep (anchoring).

8. The Law of Giving.

What does this really mean ?

This is again a shoot off from the law of cause and effect, as what you give comes back …in abundance. So paying it forward or doing a good deed (without ego , need for validation, wanting anything in return ) is very powerful and brings back to you in many ways.


9. The Law Of Change. 

What does this really mean ?

History repeats itself until we learn the lessons that we need to change our path for our greater good (or our soul purpose , which is to learn everything there is to learn about human experiences before we reach nirvana / enlightenment). We often wonder why we keep ending up in similar situations. WHY does this keep happening to ME ?? ….This is because we have not taken yet the learnings from the situation, therefore the universe will keep repeating until we take what we need for our souls journey growth (the bigger picture!).


10. The Law Of Significance. 

What does this really mean ?

You get back whatever YOU put into something. Whatever your energy, intent and contribution will = the result. So for example if you aspire to be  fit with a toned body and yet never seem to achieve it maybe blaming external factors such as poor metabolism, genes etc …then ask yourself…..how much time, effort and energy do you really contribute towards that goal.


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