Do you want more vital energy ?……

Do you want more vital energy ?……

Your vital force or vital energy is the core or the essence of all that you are. Your vital force (or vital energy)  depends on the subtle energy which flows through the body’s meridians (otherwise called energy pathways) or Chakra’s (otherwise called energy centres ). If your energy is balanced then this means that you are far less likely to end up with physical ailments.

If you look after your energy then this is the very first route to overall health and well being. If however the energy flow is disrupted a disharmony will be created (as you will have either an under or over energy) which if not addressed will then lead on from energy to affect the lymphatic system and blood flow which then in turn manifests as a physical dis-ease or illness.

An example of over-energy which has manifested in the mental or physical body could be when someone has too much heat in their body (for example hot flushes ) or on an emotional level when someone feels rage and anger.

An example of under- energy which has manifested in the mental or physical body could be when someone has excessive dampness within the body (such as too much phlegm or rhinitus) or on an emotional level depression or lethargy.

A trained Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) energy worker can work with acupressure points (for hands on energy flow) or chakras may be balanced (for a more subtle reconnection of the energy flow).
Overtime you will find that the body’s energy pathways would clear therefore improving or relieving  certain symptoms.

Your energy pathways and Chakras all have a direct relationship with each other and if one is out of balance then it will invariably affect the others. For example,  i think of a hosepipe as your body and the water flowing through it as your vital energy. If the hosepipe  becomes kinked or something blocks it then there will be a lack of flow of water (energy) , but also there may be a back up of water (excess energy) behind the blockage and the water (energy) may continue for a while in front of the block (as we sometimes carry on not noticing the energy until too late).

This is why it is so absolutely vital to look after the energy that we are first and foremost.

Reiki, Kinesiology, E.F.T, Matrix Re imprinting and even some aspects of Reflexology all work with Meridians and Chakra’s.

In fact the combination of Reflexology with Reiki  is extremely effective. As Reflexology helps open up the the body’s energy pathways making you even more open to receiving Energy healing.  Clients report a very deep state of relaxation and a  calm, centred feeling of peace and tranquility.  As with most energy work the effects are outwardly subtle, however profound changes occur inwardly as the body, mind and energy rebalance…..lovely!!!!

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