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April 2018 Updates

Hi all,
It’s been a few months since the last newsletter , where does the time go!
I have been super busy immersing myself in my latest training project, you may remember me starting in November 2017 , well 5 months into the 2 year training to become A Shamanic Practitioner and I am absolutely loving it.
shamanic healing
Using shamanic psychotherapy techniques  allows the client to use tools within a Safe and confidential space where they are able to use a Shamanic journey to delve deeper to within their own subconscious,  dream state, down through the layers  to access information and positive resources which they may be blocking from their conscious awareness. The journey takes the client to  a Theta brain wave state, which is a very deep trance like state.
Within this deep theta brain wave state (even without a “successful” journey) clients will often feel a deep sense of relaxation and well being, thus accessing a state conducive to spiritual, emotional, and physical healing.
I am loving the work so far , why not read my latest blog on Embracing the earth with the shamanic path and if this still doesn’t tell you enough then contact me for more information
One of the things I constantly speak to people about within my practice is the importance of hydration within the body.  A lack of quality hydration can lead to all sorts of conditions from infertility, auto immune conditions, allergies , chronic inflammation , cholesterol rising to name
but a few.
It’s not just as simple as gluggling a couple of extra glasses of water here and there, the body is 80% water and  if it is not in a constant state of hydration then the complications can be far reaching. If you are thirsty or have a dry mouth then you are waaaayyyyy beyond dehydrated. When the body is short of water Histamine is activated to try to send water (in order of priority) to the brain, lungs, liver, kidneys, and glands, then comes the muscles, bones and skin last.
If there is not enough reserve water  then it will be taken from the body which then makes the histamine over stimulated and the dis- ease of the body is shown in allergies, auto immune conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, pains in joints, headaches, digestive distances , skin conditions, acid reflux , heartburn   Weight gain , hormonal imbalance , oestrogen dominance ,  CFS, fibro etc.
Stress also plays a major  factor in creating dehydration within the body as the body is on a high state of “ adrenal response” when under stress. This means the body thinks it has run a marathon constantly, yet isn’t getting the water to re balance it.
Another factor to be aware of is that  when the body is dehydrated, it is also becoming deoxygenated.
We know that cancer thrives in a low-oxygen and acidic environment ( severe dehydration) in 1931, Dr. Otto Warburg won a Nobel , he concluded that cancer cells grow due to anaerobic (without oxygen) respiration and use sugar fermentation for energy whereas healthy cells thrive in an aerobic (with oxygen) environment using protein for energy.
Prevention is always the best route .
The Sunday morning meditation workshops have been a huge success and I love showing The students some great techniques to facilitate their own energy systems for self help and healing.
We are aware that we  have a physical body, we are aware that we have an emotional self …if we are lucky we may also be aware that our emotions affect our physical symptoms, but how often do you pay attention to your energy body (chakras and meridians)?
The energy body are our subtle energy centres within both our field and physical self.
If the energy body is in balance then we are less likely to take the full impact of emotional disturbance into our physical body ( which then becomes  dis-ease or dis-harmony ).
Within the workshops the students learn about the chakras and how to balance them . Over time I can see the transformation and growth in these individuals as they both grow in confidence and awareness.
We also learn about the powerful art of visualisation, using the power of the subconscious mind to empower, gain insights or let go of old patterns .
Talking of letting go of old patterns, have you ever thought about the power of your ego? Why not read about it here.
There is also some seated qi gong , mudra meditation or nidra yoga depending on the groups needs.
Why not join us click  here for dates . Please note it is not a drop in class and must be prebooked.
Have a lovely month and I look forward to seeing you soon
Much love
Jeni x —
with warmest regards,
Jeni Stroud
*Tel: 07531 191 688*

Peace of Mind Health ****New Address ****

Peace of Mind Health ****New Address ****

Hi All.

I’m excited to tell you that Peace of Mind Health are on the move!

As of 7th August all appointments will be located at our new address at Sparkenhoe Business Centre.
I am sure you will love this new space as much as I do and I cannot wait to welcome you – for directions & details read below.

Our new home as of Monday 7th August will be Sparkenhoe House, Southfield Rd, Hinckley LE10 1UB.

Please follow these instructions & click on the picture below which will show you a short video to guide you.

For clients arriving after 15.30, please park in the rear car park (free of charge) accessed by turning off Southfield road into Hurst road where the car park is on the left. Drive to the far top left of the car park and you will see a blue door. I will meet you there and escort you to my new lovely new studio space. Please click the link below for a visual guide.


Please call me as soon as you arrive (07531 191 688) and by the time you have locked your car, I will be there immediately to greet you.

For daytime clients, if you prefer, there is a main entrance at the front of the Sparkenhoe building with a reception and waiting area which can be used between 08:30-15:30 only. If you would prefer to use this entrance just enter through the main reception door on Southfield road. Please click the link below for a visual guide.


Again, please call me as soon as you arrive (07531 191 688) and by the time you have reached the reception area, I will be there immediately to greet you. The car park for this entrance is off Southfield Road by Selectatile and from here, there is a very short walk to reception.

N.B. Please note there are some stairs to reach the reception, so if you have any issues then just follow my instructions for the Hurst Road car park above, which you will find easier. Do let me know if you are coming through reception, otherwise I will assume to meet you at the Hurst Road car park entrance.

Peace Of Mind Health
Sparkenhoe House
Southfield Road
Hinckley, Leics LE10 1UB
United Kingdom

Tel : 07531 191 688


Be free….be happy….be healthy !

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