Shamanic Psychopomp - Soul transition

Shamanic Psychopomp – The Soul Transition

What is a Psychopomp or a Soul Midwife?

Shamanic Psychopomp – Soul Transition.


A psychopomp or a Soul Midwife is essentially a guide who is there to assist the soul peacefully on their journey from the human to whatever the birthing of the soul becomes ( otherwise known as soul transition).

When we die we hope that our transition will be peaceful, pain free and calm surrounded by our loved ones with all our business addressed. However , this sadly doesn’t often actually happen.

This is especially true in our Western world , many people now die alone , or in stressful unfamiliar conditions with strangers in hospitals. There may be fear, confusion, a lack of privacy, strange noises , or often just feeling helpless being away from home.

Often the body is subject to even further stress when near to death “life-saving” measures are given . This can be very confusing for  the soul in the process of transition from the Human . If the soul is not clear on its path of transition it can get stuck and this prevents the journey of the soul to the next phase , afterlife and peace.

Sudden accidents , death from violence , miscarriages and even natural disasters prevents the transition of the soul on its path.

A Psychopomp may be asked to assist the souls of ancestors, friends and family to transition in peace. This assistance may be required before death to assist the soul into the transition or retrospectively  after the person has died ( or in ancestral work to heal past time lines ).

Shamanic Psychopomp – Soul Transition.