Be The Change

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Hope you are having a great day and welcome back to the blogs, this week – Be The Change.

Today i met some friends and we were discussing the importance of working on yourself every day.

Be The ChangeI had a lovely message from a client which said in summery “i really admire your positive outlook on life and that nothing seems to get you down”.

Whilst this is such a lovely compliment to receive , my reply to this and also the topic of our conversation today is that what you see is not always the full story.

~We ALL get down, we ALL have challenges, we ALL have times where we feel tested to the very edge of our strength.
~We ALL have days when we feel we cannot carry on las we are , you just don’t see this.
~No one has a perfect life all the time.

I believe this next sentence is the key (well it works for me and i use it in my coaching with clients too ).

***My “positive outlook” (my peace mission) is something i work on EVERY SINGLE DAY. ****

I do not wait for those down days to work on my peace mission – Be The Change

I do not wait for those down days to work on my peace mission. Guess what , if you wait until the down days then you do not have the resources fast enough, the energy to build you and the patience to practice.

I do not take for granted when i feel amazing in the good days to work on my peace mission. I do feel gratitude when things are calm , but i do not forget my peace mission work.

The way i look at it is that if you go to the gym when you are unfit then stop when you get fit then you will just become unfit again right ?
Working on your mind and outlook is exactly the same!

Gandhi said ” Be the change you want to see in the world”….well that world is you.

The place you have to live , feel , witness etc and you are in control of that . You do get to choose.

You are the narrator of the story of your life…..I just love that we are always influencing others and i choose that my life story is to live and work through my stuff and hopefully tis will inspire others to choose to do the same.

Its not always easy, but it is definitely worth it, and you my beautiful soul are worth it too.

Thank you for reading.

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