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“ I need to tell you some amazing news . I came to you in October because I couldn’t get pregnant after 2 years of trying . You said you did lots of work on my overies and it would take 4 weeks to work . Well in December I found out I was pregnant , so its all down to you!! ” – RJ Warwickshire (Reiki client)

 I just wanted to say a massive thank you for today I can’t explain how different I feel, it’s like my heart is happy .thank you so much 💖 you will definitely be seeing more of me xxx – L.R (Reiki)

“Honestly I have felt great since my session . Like relief from my feelings if that makes sense? If I could have it every week I would.” – EO Hinckley (Reiki client)

“I want to thank you for all your help and support into getting me to where I am today. I truly believe you’ve been a great influence “ HJ Leicestershire (Fertility Reflexology)

“Blissful relaxation . Jeni is the loveliest person who puts you instantly at ease. Her presence and space makes for the perfect experience whichever treatment you choose “ AP Hinckley (Bliss massage )

 ” I feel really good sleeping good medication pretty much off. I have lots of energy witch I like.  I have had lots of experiences and I’m seeing energies now like physically! I would say my vision has been very clear recently almost like everything is in HD” – D.K Leicestershire (shamanic healing)

” I can’t explain really but after that day  i feel so much calmer about “XXX’. I know that ‘XXX’ will never change, but now i feel ok about it all. I feel like our relationship will be ok  now because I’m ok”.  – T.P Leicestershire (shamanic healing client)

” I just wanted to say thank you for helping me. I found the information from our session valuable . I will take on board your recommendations. I already feel like i have loads more energy and slept for 8 hours last night so even that is worth it. Can’t wait for my next session”  – K.S Coventry (Reiki client)

“Sometimes professional help is required and ‘XXX’  definitely turned a corner thanks to you. I don’t think you realise how many people have benefited from your ability to exude positivity.I am so proud of ‘ XXX ‘ thank you for helping me to encourage ‘XXX’ to be the person that he is today.”  – A.S  Leicestershire

“I found it fascinating what you picked up on . i don’t know how it works but i feel loads better . Thanks “ – D.F Hinckley (Reiki client).

” Thank you for checking in with me. I have made some really great progress since our last session . I have lost some weight too. I can’t believe how strong i feel, still someway to go but i know i can face it now “ – anon Leicestershire

Shamanic Healing “quite a lot of things have changed that are all positive!! I have been to the hospital for a check up and been informed my eye is looking the best ever and I’m on a much lower dosage of steroids than before! So yes pretty life changing stuff xxxxx  – C.A Hinckley (shamanic healing client)

Thank you so much for the Shamanic healing it was an amazing experience. I have no pain where the pneumonia was – which is incredible and I’m trying to get used to not feeling it there” – K.N Leicestershire

 “I really look forward to the meditation classes, I feel that I have learned to stop worrying about everything and I find it a lot easier to sleep too “ – A.D HInckley

“ Feel like so much has been lifted. You really are a healer.” K.N Hinckley (Reiki client)

” I had to let you know our good news. I’m pregnant!!!! I really can’t believe I am getting to say that.Thank you so much for your support, will definitely be seeing you over the next 9 months at least”  – Anon Hinckley

“Fantastic workshop which developed my understanding of the spiritual world around me. Loved every second and a fantastic refresh of what is so good in our world. I would recommend it to anyone who has an interest in his subject but also someone who is trying to maintain a positive mental attitude.” –  C.D Hinckley

” Jeni’s knowledge is amazing and she explains it in such an easy way to understand. I would definitely recommend anyone to try one of her workshops ” – R.D Leicestershire

“Thank you so much for today! You shared so much with us but in a way that was so easy to understand – I could happily have sat and listened to you all day!! I really feel like I left the session wanting to know so much more!!” – L.J Leicestershire

After 2 miscarriages and no reason for not getting pregnant  I had given up until a friend recommended Jennifer after having problems with her own fertility and getting pregnant. I’m ecstatic to be 6months pregnant after following Jennifer’s fertility nutrition plan and having the fertility massages. Thank you so much x ” – K.K Leicestershire

Jenny was very professional and I felt at ease and relaxed. We have been trying for a baby for 3 years. I cannot believe that after just a few sessions I am pregnant. I am sure the reflexology sessions have made a difference.“- T.W Nuneaton

Just wanted to say thank you for the amazing workshop yesterday – I left feeling different, more positive, refreshed and with a spring in my step. Such a powerful and wonderful morning! And I was drawn to weighing myself – I seem to have lost a kilo between yesterday and Saturday” – L.S Hinckley

” I look forward to my Reflexology and Reiki sessions with jenny so much. In the last year my health has improved 100%, despite what the doctors told me.  Since coming to see Jenny am now able to work again after regular treatments and taking advice from Jenny on some dietary changes. I feel like I am starting to  get my life back. ” – L.W  Nuneaton

” Really enlightening workshop. Feel so much lighter in body and spirit. Really looking forward to the next workshop.”

” Everything on the workshop was fascinating, a real insight into past and present. It just makes me want to know more” M.K Hinckley

“I feel like a different person, I feel like such a huge burden has been taken away. I don’t know how it works , and I don’t really care as you have helped me so much and for that I cannot thank you enough. ” R.L Leicester.   ( a Reiki client )

” The self Development workshop was completely relevant to what I needed “ – D.W Nuneaton

” The self Development workshop was such a wonderful workshop. Great to hear about such a fascinating area, it’s left me yearning for more “ – C.L Hinckley


“Hello just a quick note to say that today I go to my lovely friends wedding- the bad news is that I am not wearing the dress we discussed and you helped me visualise – but that’s because it is now TOO B????Y BIG!!!!! I feel brilliant and confident so thank you so much – next stop beach body 😀😀😀👙👙👙- also my friend came to you on Monday the change in her is wonderful thank you again – you are amazing 😘😘” – Anon Nuneaton.

” Thank you so much, the Reiki has made so much difference to me & my mood/outlook/general being today. I have chosen to smile so many times & generally felt so much more at peace. Fantastic treatment.” – J.W Burbage

“I still don’t know how you do it, but I do know that my migraines have completely disappeared and I generally feel full of energy – the wife is happy with that ! “ – B.S Leicester  ( a REIKI client )

“Hi jeni, I came to see you last year and had weight loss hypnotherapy ,I managed to lose three stone and then fell pregnant I’m due in oct just wanted to say a massive thank you to you for all you did for me just wanted to let you know a positive outcome many thanks x” – S.P Leicestershire

“I lost 8.8cms off one leg with the Reflexology for Lymphatic Drainage. I could literally see my leg going down, even around the ankle . I felt really relaxed after the session. “– K.C Burbage

“I dont know what happened but i felt something unblock , a release of something that was trapped in my body. I have been struggling with this negative thought for years and now i feel free. I cannot thank you enough for your support – R.D.H Hinckley

“I have been having sessions with Jennifer to help me with OCD and i feel so much better . Still some work to do but i feel so much better with being able to deal with my intrusive thoughts “- T.A Nuneaton

“What can I say, I’m really happy . For the first time in ages I can actually look at myself and like what I see :-). Thank you “– S.S Leicestershire

“I have Reflexology with Jenny, the last treatment was amazing. Not only did I feel better but I could literally FEEL the energy travelling through my body.”– H.D Nr. Hinckley

“I have had fertility reflexology with Peace of Mind Health, Jenny was very professional and I felt at ease and relaxed. We have been trying for a baby for 3 years. I cannot believe that after just a few sessions I am pregnant. I am sure the reflexology sessions have made a difference.”– T.W Nuneaton

“A friend of mine had recommended I see Jennifer for Reflexology , I cannot believe how much better I am feeling already (client with IBS). I used to find feel really anxious about going out because of my IBS and I know this was not helping it either . You have helped me not only with the IBS but also the stress around it. I feel normal again – Thanks Jennifer x”– C.S Hinckley

“I have been unhappy for as long as I can remember. As you know Jennifer , I feel a lot better and I am more optimistic now. I am still nervous of the future and of going back to ‘that ‘place but I feel that I can now cope with life much better than before. I am trying to take your advice and be patient and I now know that with your help I can have a happier future”– anon. Leicestershire

“I started going to a meditation class with Jeni 18 months ago, and I learned many relaxation techniques. Recently I have been having reflexology with Jeni, which is a fabulous hour of relaxation and a chance to focus on myself. Without my sessions with Jeni I would not have been so calm and collected on my wedding day. I look forward to each session, the benefits of reflexology are outstanding and I would not give up my time in Jeni’s beautiful and magical summer house for anything!!”– J.J Earl Shilton.

“I am recommending you to all my friends! Everyone wants to know how I lost so much weight”.– D.B Nuneaton.

“Jeni has such a calming approach to her therapies, she has helped me through reflexology at a very difficult time in my life, my mental health was at rock bottom”– RE Leicestershire

“I would not have believed it if you told me just a few weeks ago that my feelings about myself and the depression that I had would have changed so much. I feel ready to face anything’– D.O. Coventry

“You are going to be inundated, everyone has noticed such a change my weight is dropping off (as you know)”– T.T Nuneaton.

“I lost 1 stone and 3 lbs in 3 weeks, happy with the results it’s given me the kick I needed “– S.P Burbage

“I am amazed that I lost 12lbs in 3 weeks without even trying, I cannot believe it has been this easy. My health has improved so much already. “– T.L Hinckley

“As you know I was rather nervous, Jennifer put me at ease and I am delighted with the results so far. I cannot thank you enough for all of the support you have given me”.– T.J Near Nuneaton.

“When I had a session with Jenifer, I felt like she knew me better than I knew myself, she’s like a hair brush for the soul, combing out all the knots. Also her sessions are not a temporary fix, you are left with the skills to continually develop yourself.”– A.B Leicester

“I cannot believe how easy it has been to date, I am eating from a teaplate and do not feel hungry at all”

“Thank you for all your help and encouragement, you’ve inspired me to believe in myself. Now I’m ready to put to use my talents and start a my own business.”
K.F Near Harborough

“I would certainly recommend Peace of Mind Health for reflexology and other positive treatments”– J,K Hinckley.

“I have never had hypnotherapy but have heard of its benefits and am very aware that it is not like the mythical stage hypnosis that some people still perceive it to be. And guess what? After just one session and taking some of the steps Jennifer advised to make me feel more relaxed, I had a much more comfortable and settled sleep”
– Extract from Editor The Shires Magazine
who wrote an article on me Feb 2012 for a tried and tested for comfort and sleep during late stages of Pregnancy (if you want the full edit please contact me).

“I had EFT done in my sessions , I loved this technique I had not heard of it before the session but as soon as I had had my first hour and a half using EFT I was surprised at how natural it felt, and how instant the positive effects were on me”.

“I’m finding these choices are coming naturally rather than having to force myself off the ‘bad stuff’. Also I’d say my portion size has halved…. again without having to really think about it.”– D.W Near Hinckley.

“I have got slimmer of week again!! The scales showed (content removed) last week makes either 10 or 12 lbs which I am very very happy with. I am feeling very positive in my mind so it’s all good”.– J.K Near Hinckley.

“As you can imagine I’m very pleased, it does not feel like a have a band more like I can hear my body telling me when to stop and that is a more powerful urge than the one telling me to eat . everyday seems to get easier. ” – I.S Hinckley.

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