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April 2018 Updates

Hi all,
It’s been a few months since the last newsletter , where does the time go!
I have been super busy immersing myself in my latest training project, you may remember me starting in November 2017 , well 5 months into the 2 year training to become A Shamanic Practitioner and I am absolutely loving it.
shamanic healing
Using shamanic psychotherapy techniques  allows the client to use tools within a Safe and confidential space where they are able to use a Shamanic journey to delve deeper to within their own subconscious,  dream state, down through the layers  to access information and positive resources which they may be blocking from their conscious awareness. The journey takes the client to  a Theta brain wave state, which is a very deep trance like state.
Within this deep theta brain wave state (even without a “successful” journey) clients will often feel a deep sense of relaxation and well being, thus accessing a state conducive to spiritual, emotional, and physical healing.
I am loving the work so far , why not read my latest blog on Embracing the earth with the shamanic path and if this still doesn’t tell you enough then contact me for more information
One of the things I constantly speak to people about within my practice is the importance of hydration within the body.  A lack of quality hydration can lead to all sorts of conditions from infertility, auto immune conditions, allergies , chronic inflammation , cholesterol rising to name
but a few.
It’s not just as simple as gluggling a couple of extra glasses of water here and there, the body is 80% water and  if it is not in a constant state of hydration then the complications can be far reaching. If you are thirsty or have a dry mouth then you are waaaayyyyy beyond dehydrated. When the body is short of water Histamine is activated to try to send water (in order of priority) to the brain, lungs, liver, kidneys, and glands, then comes the muscles, bones and skin last.
If there is not enough reserve water  then it will be taken from the body which then makes the histamine over stimulated and the dis- ease of the body is shown in allergies, auto immune conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, pains in joints, headaches, digestive distances , skin conditions, acid reflux , heartburn   Weight gain , hormonal imbalance , oestrogen dominance ,  CFS, fibro etc.
Stress also plays a major  factor in creating dehydration within the body as the body is on a high state of “ adrenal response” when under stress. This means the body thinks it has run a marathon constantly, yet isn’t getting the water to re balance it.
Another factor to be aware of is that  when the body is dehydrated, it is also becoming deoxygenated.
We know that cancer thrives in a low-oxygen and acidic environment ( severe dehydration) in 1931, Dr. Otto Warburg won a Nobel , he concluded that cancer cells grow due to anaerobic (without oxygen) respiration and use sugar fermentation for energy whereas healthy cells thrive in an aerobic (with oxygen) environment using protein for energy.
Prevention is always the best route .
The Sunday morning meditation workshops have been a huge success and I love showing The students some great techniques to facilitate their own energy systems for self help and healing.
We are aware that we  have a physical body, we are aware that we have an emotional self …if we are lucky we may also be aware that our emotions affect our physical symptoms, but how often do you pay attention to your energy body (chakras and meridians)?
The energy body are our subtle energy centres within both our field and physical self.
If the energy body is in balance then we are less likely to take the full impact of emotional disturbance into our physical body ( which then becomes  dis-ease or dis-harmony ).
Within the workshops the students learn about the chakras and how to balance them . Over time I can see the transformation and growth in these individuals as they both grow in confidence and awareness.
We also learn about the powerful art of visualisation, using the power of the subconscious mind to empower, gain insights or let go of old patterns .
Talking of letting go of old patterns, have you ever thought about the power of your ego? Why not read about it here.
There is also some seated qi gong , mudra meditation or nidra yoga depending on the groups needs.
Why not join us click  here for dates . Please note it is not a drop in class and must be prebooked.
Have a lovely month and I look forward to seeing you soon
Much love
Jeni x —
with warmest regards,
Jeni Stroud
*Tel: 07531 191 688*
Are humans really intelligent ?

Are humans really intelligent ? …power of the ego .

Hi all,

It’s been ages since my last post, busy learning about human ego,  the intelligence of the kingdom of plants and animals and it gets me thinking…...Are humans really intelligent , or are we driven by the power of our ego ?

Ego says “Mirror Mirror on the wall…..who really is the most intelligent of us all ?” 

The thing that most separates us from plants and animals in my humble opinion isn’t intelligence, it’s EGO!

Think about it. …..
🤔Plants can survive without humans , ( yet not without animals and insects) any yet we cannot survive without them……..plants literally give us the air we breathe.
This reminds me of the film “Avitar “ …our wonderful ego driven intellect tells us we get to control all life ….so we throw our power around and we forget that by controlling we are also destroying.
We have become so closed we forgot to “feel “ and “ tune in”. In our modern world , most humans have become reactionary creatures rather than responsive creatures ….maybe if we tuned out of our EGO based intellect and used that 6th sense …..well we might not be in quite the pickle we are in now !

🤔Plants have an extremely complex sensory system ( similar to our central nervous system in many ways ) and are capable of gathering infinite amounts of information about the world ( such as light detection, sensing harmful invaders and communication to other plants to defend or re-route growth direction). The brain of the plant kingdom is that amazing root structure.

🤔 Animals have super intelligent systems , for example many birds are able to locate seeds that they have buried the year before .  Their navigation and memory pinpoints , and is able to locate the seed to within millimetres and is able to detect locations of up to 30,000 seeds in up to 10,000 locations. This shows huge capacity for both mathematical calculation and a memory capacity far superior to the human ability ( I barely remember what I had for breakfast !).

🤔 Timeline shows us plants are about 450 million years old , and animals 640 million years old. We are quite young really in the evolution chain . I read a quote recently (Mary Midgley)
“ did Darwin pin up a paper warning himself to be careful when using the words higher and lower “ .

🤔 There is only one way that we have evolved to a greater perceived “ strength” against plants and animals in my humble opinion and that is our power to kill.
We are so highly EGO intelligent that we create guns to shoot animals ( and each other ) , we create poisons to damage plants, animals ( and each other ) , we torture animals ( and each other ) . Notice the theme (of each other) with all of these amazing intelligent powers we have …..makes you wonder whether we should redefine what intelligence really means !



Are humans really intelligent ?

Are humans really intelligent ?

Are humans really intelligent ?

Are humans really intelligent ?

Are humans really intelligent ?

Are humans really intelligent ?

Are humans really intelligent ?

Are humans really intelligent ?

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Be free…Be happy!


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Shamanic healing

Embracing The Earth – The Shamanic Path

Embracing The Earth – The Shamanic Path

Hi all,

as many of you know I am currently on a 2 year training programme to become an Eco Shamanic Practitioner.
This month the training involve “The Embrace of the Earth Ceremony” more commonly termed the “ Burial “ traditionally.

I have been asked a lot about this , and I am not surprised at the mixture of responses I have received from this process ….I think in life our fears come from the unknown so I will try to explain more about what “Embracing The Earth “ really means on The Shamanic Path.
As my “Embracing The Earth “ or “Burial” ceremony has yet to happen I thought I would blog both before and after the ceremony as the perspective is often vey different to the experience itself in life.

So “Embracing of the Earth Ceremony” (my before perspectives).

In our lives many of us are looking for a deeper and profound “ something “ and yet we do not really reach out ….to go there and to really challenge ourselves to discover who we really are ……that deep level. We just stay in the mundane.

The Shamans Path teaches you to look beneath the surface , break free from the ego and grow through trusting the hidden senses.

Quite often in the modern world our perception of death is a terrifying one where death is regarded as dark, scary, mysterious, unknown and fearful and whilst we all know that this death is an event which comes to each and everyone of us , it is something we avoid talking about or giving it attention because of our lack of information ( therefore fear ) about it.
Ancient cultures did not look upon death as a fearful enemy, it was embraced, celebrated and seen as the transition to growth, rebirth and a positive friend.

The “ Embracing The Earth “ ceremony on the shamanic path is ultimately about releasing fears into the earth and allowing yourself to be reborn to live fearlessly from the centre of your truth.
This process strips away our fears of life , the ego , the mundane , aging , illness etc.

Through the “ Embracing the Earth “ ceremony the awareness of our “burial or little death  “ can be utilised to expand our consciousness, to learn from this seemingly mysterious event to bring the wisdom back into our daily life and live with a heightened awareness and drop out of fears.
Awareness of our death actually empowers us as we have a much higher level of knowledge.

In “The Embrace of the Earth “Ceremony the shamanic path recognises that there comes a point where we need to release (“ little death of ”) the old Self so that something new, awakened, more powerful, enriching and beautiful can be born and grow.

Burial into the Earth is a sacred ceremony for letting go of the past and accepting the healing , nourishing and blessings of our first mother Earth “ Gaia “ .
It is a celebration of life, an acknowledgement of a new future, and a stripping away of the past hurts, fears and ego.

Look out for my blog in a couple of weeks giving you an insight into the actual “Embracing The Earth “ ceremony.










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Mind, Body and Spirit Festival Birmingham 2017

Mind, Body and Spirit Festival 2017

Mind, Body and Spirit Festival 2017

Mind, Body and Spirit Festival Birmingham 2017

Mind, Body and Spirit Festival Birmingham 2017

✨✨✨✨Hi beautiful beings of light,✨✨✨✨

Last week was such an amazing week I thought I would write a little blog about it and our little visit to Mind,Body and Spirit Festival 2017.

Before I tell you about what we loved about Mind,Body and Spirit Festival i wanted to share a little bit about what a week looks like at Peace of Mind Health.
I do love my work so much. Every day is complete Different. Just like every person is different you can never make assumptions as with every single client they will have a different life story which will affect every one of us differently.
The diversity my work brings really does balance my mind, body and spirit for sure !

Starting the week with Reiki and some interesting soul journey work with one client who had such a deep heart wound that they had totally disconnected from their soul . This work can be so freeing to do and we discovered how to start to clear some of those deep rooted issues. 💕

Mid week I had a cancellation ….for a very good reason , the best of reasons in fact!
The client had one session of Fertility Method Massage which had released a block that was holding her back from her unexplained fertility. This client contacted to say that the fertility massage appointment would no longer be required ! ….Pregnant 💕💕💕

Well with a couple of Transformational Coaching sessions , Fertility Method Massage and Reflexology, you can see how interesting the week gets for me .
I’m a Gemini, say no more 😂

So at the end of the week myself and a very dear friend Charlotte Davis Of Ladies That Do Networking  , took ourselves off to Mind ,Body and Spirit Festival in Birmingham .

What a lovely way to end a fabulous week.
I love Mind, Body and Spirit Festivals and go every year . It’s amazing to be around so much love, energy, peace and like minded souls who (mostly) leave their egos at the door.

There is so much to do at the Mind,Body and Spirit Festival That the day just flies by .
We did some

My favourite artist is Kwali Kumara. I just love her Heart Healer Meditation…and her hair is amazing! Like really amazing !
This workshop  included a Kundalini mantra and heart meditation for healing & purification followed by the sacred sound vibrations of the Venus and symphonic gongs. What’s not to love !!!

Kwali Kumara

Kwali Kumara

After that we squeezed ourselves into a packed teepee for a SoundBath and Mantra Magic workshop with Anne Malone. This was extremely Relaxing with the healing sounds and vibrations of Tibetan Bowls, Hang, Shamanic Drum and Rainstick a flowing as Anne takes you deeper into your Heart Song.

Anne Malone Sound Bath

Anne Malone Sound Bath

Doing the sound work reminded me of just how powerful those vibrations are for clearing the 3rd eye and even more so for clearing the physical body chakras ( especially those old tribal blocks ). I’m just writing material for my 2018 self development workshops on chakras and sacred goddess so some sound meditation may just work it’s way into the programme.

The rest of Mind , Body and Spirit Festival is a bit of a blur ,I vaguely remember a chakra cleanse and we attended a quantum field work workshop… much I can’t even remember it all.

All I know is by the end of the day at Mind, Body and Spirit Festival we were definitely  super blissed out happy bunnies 💕💕💕

Oh yes , I simply couldn’t resist the conscious chocolate stall !!!
Just 6 bars purchased between myself and Charlotte, I think we did rather well. 😂😋 …..
Until next year !

Did anyone else attend mind , body and spirit festival ? Would love to hear what stood out for you all X

Thanks for reading!

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✨Many thanks for reading.
✨Have an amazing day beautiful beings .

jeni xxx

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Be free…Be happy….Be healthy!

✨💕Jeni 💕✨



Welcome to Autumn

Welcome to Autumn, beautiful beings…….


Author Jennifer Stroud, 5th November 2017

Welcome to Autumn, beautiful beings.

Autumn is such a beautiful season don’t you agree?

Within Mother Nature this is the time of change , when the plants shed themselves of what is no longer needed and nature becomes much stiller . autumn is a  time of stillness which allows us to prepare to be fruitful and energised for new life in spring.

Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said, “The only constant is change.”…..Autumn and spring really are the greatest seasons of change….one is active and growing  and one passive and regenerating.

At this season , autumn ….We can reflect this back to our own human experience and remember within our own cycle that our bodies, our minds, and our energy and spirit  are always developing….yet….Do we give ourselves time to regenerate before our active phase ?

It is so important to look at our lives and ensure we are not being overly active at this time of year….in traditional Chinese medicine this would create an excess of YANG energy within the self when we should be preparing for passive and regeneration phase.

Talking of being too active …..we make time to workout our body and yet we often neglect the importance of training the mind….why do we often hold the belief that one is more important than the other?
Is it perhaps because our modern world is so consumed by the exterior ?
In truth if we have a balanced mind then the body will automatically follow suit as we have no need to rely and crave on addictive foods , substances, behaviours , things etc.
This is called living in our truth…… would you like to be free to live this way ?



Free your mind

The workshops I developed earlier this year have been super successful (bless you and thank you for coming and developing your mind power!)
Why do I think these workshops are so successful ?

Well the workshops are designed to give you a truly holistic mind training experience.

Many people try one type of meditation and find its not right for them ….so they don’t practice again.

Meditation, just like exercise…is great but only if you find the exercise that works for you.

These workshops incorporate using tools from my clinical hypnotherapy practice which anchors your subconscious with trigger words, metaphors etc to align you to the true concept of growth / releasing burdens , anxiety, etc and freeing you up.

We then focus on active meditation using Qi  gong ( the basic foundation of tai chi ) ….but we really  don’t move too much …still seated in your chair or on your mat but (very much like yoga )this is aligning your mind and body in union.

The only other difference is qi  gong also works your meridians ( energy pathways through the body that are also linked to organs and systems of the physical being ) ….and each of those qi gong  moves is connected to an energy line ( meridian) within your body .

Oooo and so importantly we always incorporate work to balance the chakra system within the body . Keeping it very simple the chakras are our energy systems both within and outside of the physical body……within this workshop we only focus on the primary ones that affect the physical aspects of ourselves.

I also do more comprehensive workshops for those who want a deeper understanding of the more complex aspects and the psychological connection with the chakras. If you are interested in this then contact me as they are much smaller groups and tailored to the levels that suit the individual group.

The way out is within

So what else has been happening …..well I’m very excited to say that we have a fair few  babies on the way …any of you that follow me on social media will have seen the posts.

I feel so blessed to be a part of the journey that my lovely clients embark on to bring new life into the world.
These clients have seen the amazing benefits of The Fertility Method Massage (Arvigo)  work I do
Along with the Fertility Reflexology. Happy days and I feel so blessed to be a part of this amazing journey of life .



So many of you know that for many years now I have Been working with energy medicine ( kinesiology, EFT, Theta and I am now also a Soul Journey Practitioner ) at the core of my practice in Energy Medicine recognizes energy as a vital, living, moving force that determines much about health and wellbeing and to stay in good health our vital life force energy needs to be unblocked.

It’s a very exciting  time for the planet right now as the energy of the planet is changing , altering the magnetic fields that surround the earth, causing them to weaken and change.
Science has proven and is gaining more information daily about the profound connection we each have with the magnetic fields of the earth. As the magnetic field shifts our biorhythms, heartbeats and meridian system are all beginning to align into a singular rhythm that in turn aligns with the heartbeat of the earth.

As this alignment with the heartbeat of the earth occurs the process of cellular clearing begins as all of the emotional baggage, thoughts, beliefs and habits that are not aligned with the higher consciousness of well-being come to the surface …….this needs to happen to allow us to shift to a higher consciousness. That baggage keeps us vibrating at a low resonance.

So I’m finding people are finding me , knowing that they need something to clear or heal but not quite sure what it is…..that’s where kinesiology is a great tool ( especially for you logically or scientifically based souls ).

There will be more self Development workshops coming up which are very small groups which give you the knowledge and framework for this stuff but also each participant receives a kinesiology balance to dig out the soul level stuff and work through those blocks…..some of you I know are seeing the shifts now….what you are feeling you are healing
If you are interested then let me know as the groups are very specialised based on energy matching of the participants.

PoM News
11:11 Peace of Mind Health celebrates the birth of POM health 

11 11

Happy birthday to us !

Every day i feel blessed  and very grateful to be doing the work the work that i do …the satisfaction, freedom , creativity , Growth and abundance it gives me i am thankful for every single day . At this time of year when 11:11 our birthday comes up i am even more mindful of the journey that brought me here.

Read more here…….

More training….

Anyone who knows me knows how passionate I am about learning and the field of complementary healthcare and in particular energy and quantum medicine is moving so fast . It’s so important to continually develop yourself and your skills I believe.

So on 11:11 ( coincidence??? I think not ) I am embarking upon a 2 year training journey to become a Eco Shamanic Practitioner .

What’s that i hear you cry …..doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue does it ????

Well it’s quite hard to define in limited words as it’s such a vast subject but in summary its becoming a Spiritual specialist or trans personal ( or spiritual) psychologist.

Bringing ancient wisdom from nature , animals , plants , trees, animism and our ancestors and working with soul retrieval and the disassociated client it brings the principles to use into our modern world

This incorporates an even deeper layer of my work within the field of energy medicine , using tools of my soul journey training  ( in psychotherapy we call this the disassociated client ).

If you know me you will know how when you connect to the flow and abundance of the universe and use it well you are given everything you need and I am literally so excited that this has been shown to me …..and I look forward to sharing my journey with you as it unravels.

Follow your soul

Wishing you all an abundant and amazing Autumn x Jeni  x