Nature Bathing To Feed The Soul.

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Hello Dear Ones,

Welcome back to our blog. Nature Bathing To Feed The Soul.

I think we all know that being outdoors is good for us. The sun on our skin and vitamin D , Exercise etc.
Yet beyond this is the beneficial aspect of Forest Bathing . Just spending some mindful time in the forest or woods can have tremendous benefits on so many levels.

Nature Bathing To Feed The Soul.

In the way we live , even when we do go outdoors for many of us we are walking upon concrete , viewing the traffic and looking at an urban landscape.
In the modern world we have lost that connection to true nature and its powerful healing .

Nature bathing in woodland nourishes the mind. It is easier to become present in the sounds of nature . To hear the chatter of squirrel, the song of the winged ones and the whispers of the wind . The subtle aroma as the trees communicate the messages of predator attack to their brethren.

Regular mindful time spent within the woods or forest has been shown to to counter illnesses and improve the immune response within the physical body. It is actually being trialled in the UK for mental health and wellbeing.

Real immersive nature bathing is like coming home to the soul. When we slow down and connect with nature without phones, music and talking over the experience what can be found in this magical space is profound deeply moving and incredibly healing.

The healing is You and Nature. The moment we involve the outside world in any way it blocks letting the forest inside of you. Nature and You . Naturally You.

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