Prices and Special Offers

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Special Offers 

(These offers are not to be used with any other discounts)

1. R&R HEAVENLY 70 – Reflexology & Reiki Combo – Add a lovely healing Reiki energy balance to the end of a 45 minute Clinical Reflexology session for just £75 …..#heavenly

2.💝 BLISS ENERGY MASSAGE 75 – combine 4 wonderful treatments into one for inner peace and balance.
Upper body healing hands massage melts into Indian Head scalp and face massage and Reiki energy healing and Chakra Alignment is blended into this treatment  for just  £75…..#bliss

3. 💝 SOOTHING ENERGY HEAD TO TOE 75 – combine 4 wonderful treatments into one. Soothe harmonise body, mind, spirit and soul.
Indian Head healing hands scalp and face massage , followed by Reflexology with  Reiki energy healing and Chakra Alignment for just £75……#soothing

4. 💝  BODY GLOW   75 – combine 3 wonderful treatments into one . Flow peace into every cell and leave with your whole body positively glowing.
Upper body massage will flow into Indian Head healing hands scalp and face massage before a treat to the feet with Reflexology for  just £75…… #bodyglow.

5. 💝  VIBES 75 – choose to finish a treatment of your choice  with the healing vibration of a sound bath cleansing your aura . The vibration of sound  is incredibly healing as you allow it to flow deep into the centre of your being . You will leave feeling a deep sense of peace and release as you are re-calibrated with that frequency.  £75……#vibes

6. 💝  NIRVANA MASSAGE  90 – A unique blend of mindful meditation  and the weave of the subconscious through voice and sound will assist you in switching off as you unwind with this deeply relaxing massage. Your central nervous system will be balanced and soothed, whilst your subconscious is reprogrammed to align and ground you before you leave. This massage leaves the body and mind feeling fully rejuvenated.  £85 … #peaceofmind.

For the ultimate self care package you may wish to deepen your therapeutic relaxation session even further .

You can choose to upgrade to 90 mins of any of the 75 minute treatments above and pay £85

These may be brought as gift vouchers , why not treat a loved one to a wonderful experience.


Regular Services Price List 2024

 Somatic , Counselling or Life Coaching Therapy 
£60 for a 50 min session
£75 for a  75 min session
£85 for a 90 min session
£105 for a 120 min session

Somatic counselling releases trapped trauma from the body alongside talking therapy . Please see the link for a full explanation.

Zoom online is available for clients who have any limitations or restrictions which may prevent in person therapy . 

Clinical Reflexology
£50 for a 45 min session
£63 for a 70 min session

Fertility Massage Therapy ™
Initial appointments are up to 80 minutes @ £90
Follow up treatments are up to 60 minutes @ £70

Fertility Enhancement Programme – (see tab for details of this therapy which combines Clinical Reflexology and Clinical Hypnosis)
£125 per session

Running The Access Consciousness Bars™
£50 45 minutes healing (allow an hour)

 Reiki / Chakra Balancing / Energy Healing / Bars etc.
£50 45 minutes healing (allow an hour)
£70 70 minutes healing

Classical Kinesiology or Theta Healing®
£90 Initial Session and then £75 per follow up session

Upper Body & Indian Head Massage
50 mins £50 per session
75 mins £75 per session

Full Body Massage –
50 mins  £50 per session
75 mins £75 per session

Soul Journey Healing Session 
£111 per session.

Shamanic Journey Healing Session
£111 per session.

Shamanic Healing Immersion Day
A Full uninterrupted deep immersion into your own healing journey.
For more details click here or call.
Full day £250

£125 per session

Emotional Freedom Technique (E.F.T / Tapping and Matrix Re-imprinting)
£125 per session

Deep Dive Purpose Coaching Session
£125 per session

Self Development / Shamanic / Soul Journey and Energy Workshops

Peace of Mind Health offers Gift vouchers which can be used against any of the offered therapies / treatments (all gift vouchers are non refundable, valid for 12 months unless otherwise stated) .