Reiki Energy Healing Therapy

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Reiki Therapy – Release Your Vital Energy

Reiki is a powerful yet gentle therapy, often described as a ‘non hands massage’ .

Rei – “Universal”
Ki – “life force”

Reiki is so wonderfully gentle , nourishing and healing. It really gives Peace Of Mind , I have  been practicing Reiki along with many other energy therapies ( see qualifications here ) for many years as i find it such a non invasive , gentle way to release many different blockages. You do not need to rationalise or look for reasons, the energy just brings a sense of peace, balance and tranquility without any effort at all!

Everybody can benefit from having Reiki and their Chakra’s balanced however some of the most common reasons people come to me include :-

  • Stress
  • Grief
  • Feeling overwhelmed or anxious 
  • Migraines 
  • Panic
  • Depression
  • feeling out of sorts ( unexplained)

Our vital  life energy flows within the body through pathways / centres (Chakra’s, meridians, nadis and aura). This energy is the beginning of everything and it nourishes and feeds the organs and cells of the body, supporting them in their vital functions.

When this energy is disrupted, stagnates or becomes blocked it causes diminished function in one or more of the organs , tissues etc of the physical body leading to all manor of dis-ease and disturbance.
This blockage of ‘Ki’ (called ‘Qi’ in chinese medicine) precedes the physical but is where blood can then become trapped between layers of tissue and this is where physical conditions manifest.

When left the layers ‘glue’ together creating a problem in the physical body.  Reiki will use energy to breakdown or free the trapped or blocked stagnant energy by ‘working’ it through the body (very much as a massage releases trapped tension).

Research is ongoing and important for health practitioners to be aware of, many trials have been done to demonstrate the efficacy of this wonderful therapy. Within my own practice I have seen countless positive effects from using this along with the other energy medicine “tools” ( see testimonies here ).

I have trained extensively and am a qualified Reiki Master Energy Healer who has been practising for many years within the field of energy medicine and empowerment through self development.

I do work very differently to many Reiki Practitioners and along with the traditional Usui method and can also work through Angelic Reiki , Theta Healing and the more powerful higher energies and may also use her knowledge in TCM ( Traditional Chinese Medicine) to help you to move through any energy or emotional blockages and issues faster .
I tend to utilise energy from the many planes of vibrational sound solfeggio / light therapy / plant vital life frequency / crystal earth plane energy / angelic realms and I am also trained to work in the quantum field and as a soul journey practitioner!

As the chakras, mind and body are balanced, you will drift off to a place of tranquility through touch, smell and the harmonising sounds of the chimes.
The combination of the healing energy of Reiki and bringing the vibrations of these other modalities into your treatment you will find a deep state of relaxation.
This relaxation will allow you to create a lasting sense of inner peace, reducing stress for ultimate mindfulness.

I Working with Reiki can help you to move forward within your life. Reiki can help you to relax and release stress and anxiety so much faster . Reiki can become happier, more focused, peacful and abundant.

Jennifer is also a certified Theta Healer, classical Kinesiologist , E.F.T Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Holistic Counsellor and Life Coach . Jennifer has helped many people with issues such as stress, anxiety, grief, insomnia , abuse, trauma, PTSD, panic, bulimia, IBS and digestive disorders, fertility, fatigue, work , divorce and relationships issues.

If you want to have a look for yourself, then we have made some links below under the headings of various conditions:


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Deborah Bier, PHD – Reiki Healing and Mental Health: What the Research Shows

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Be free…Be happy….Be healthy!


General Treatment Aftercare Advice For All Treatments.

Drink plenty of water as this will help hydrate the body, flush out toxins and improve energy levels.
Try to relax and reduce any stressful activities.
Avoid coffee and alcohol as these are stimulants and may reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.
Eat light wholesome foods.
Follow recommendations given during your session or for further treatment as discussed.
You will feel very relaxed after a treatment, however sometimes either during or after a treatment you may feel exceptionally tired and emotional,  headache or general aches and pains, disturbed sleep or deeper sleep and need to urinate more frequently.
Although you may not experience any of these reactions you should be aware that they might occur. These reactions are normal and are called a “healing crisis” where the body is reacting to the flushing away of your toxins and re-balancing itself.
Don’t be alarmed if you feel different after your treatment , these symptoms won’t last long. However if you faint, vomit or have diarrhoea please seek medical advice.