The Nature Of Me

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The Nature Of Me

The nature of me

I am a single raindrop yet I contain entire Oceans

The whole of Earth is me within a single grain of sand

I am billlions of stars in fractals of light

Seconds of time in each day and night

Tiny green acorn I am mighty father oak

Green goddess and also moss mantle her cloak

Fox as she stalks me as I am her prey

In laughter of children with freedom to play

New emerging leaf ,flower , fruit and seed are of me

The flight of the bird and the hive of bee

As spewing lava living in wrathful volcano

Gentle Summer breeze I become ferocious tornado

Each moment that passes through the innate

Ceaseless possibilities in worlds which i create

The bliss and the suffering the pleasure and pain

I am everything I have ever lost and all I have to gain

There is no place I do not exist both outside and within

I am all I have yet to become , all I have ever been

Each moment I am birth and am also my death

I arise I dissolve I am mind I am breath.

Jeni 12:6:24