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About Me

Hi , I’m Jeni and i created Peace of Mind Health from my life long passion for natural health and wellbeing.
I have always been intrigued by the ancient and natural world of healing .

My own health took me on a journey which led me to explore natural based healing  ways for my own wellness. This is when I really began to delve into the world of energy medicine.

Over the years i took what started as an interest (born of desperation!) and found that created a rich and deep fascination.
I have, and continue to support that with the highest level of training available.
I now do what i love for a career and my training just continues for both my life passion and my purpose to help others .

For me, there is nothing more rewarding than sharing a journey with another soul into growth .
To witness someone spread their wings and become the person they were meant to be…free, healthier and happier.

The shamans say “ to live a good death “ and partly this covers being able to live life in a good way .

A release of burdens of the mind , the body , the spirit and the soul makes access to those things more possible.

Our health is our true wealth, I really do believe that healthier people are happier people!

Over the years I am both grateful and blessed to have been taught by some very wise teachers. These pioneers  are leading the way in the cutting edge techniques that are evolving in our understanding of Mind, Body and Energy.

We are here to share with each other , to connect with each other . We are here to take what we have learned and pass it on for the good of all beings .

If you feel guided towards me then let us work together to help you to heal , release , improve or  move beyond whatever is your block .
My commitment is to support you on your journey whether it be physical , emotional or spiritual health.

Since being called to Shamanic Work , (specifically a gynocentric body of ancient Shamanic knowledge) i now truly understand my pathway within this field.
My purpose is to weave these ancient teachings into my work in a way that is relevant for the modern woman ( and also for the ancient held wounds of the modern man).
Amongst many things I am trained as a Shamanic Practitioner and an Existential Psychotherapist and these both embody who i am at the level of my soul. However for me this is a life long body of work that i continually study.

To truly heal we must tenderly explore ourselves and our roots. When the roots of our dis-ease become well then we will begin to develop lasting peace and harmony.

If you would like more information about my commitment to training then scroll down and see all of the training i continue with diligently.

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Peace Of Mind Health is committed to keeping up to date with the very latest cutting edge techniques and developments in natural health.


I am passionately committed to maintaining the highest quality of ongoing training for the benefit of both my clients and myself.
I keep this page as a record of all of my training and development and the levels awarded and copies of all certificates can be produced for private medical health or insurance purposes if required.

    • Shamanic Practitioner
    • Soul Journey and Past Life Regression Practitioner
    • Diploma Reflexology
    • Clinical Reflexology Level 5 Centralia Reflexology Mastership (incorporating Agored Cymru units at level 5)
    • Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology level 4
    • Fertility and Maternity enhancement Reflexology
    • Fertility Massage Therapy ™ Practitioner
    • Diploma Classical Kinesiology
    • Touch For Health Kinesiology Practitioner
    • Cancer and Palliative Care Reflexology
    • Diploma – Accredited Practitioner of Hypnotherapy /Psychotherapy
    • Diploma – NLP Practitioner
    • Diploma – H.CBT Practitioner
    • Foundation Certificate – Counselling
    • Diploma – Advanced Weight Control & Hypnotic Stomach Banding Therapist
    • Diploma – Holistic Nutritionist Practitioner
    • Diploma – Holistic Massage Practitioner
    • Diploma – Indian Head Massage Practitioner
    • Reiki Practitioner
    • Native American Crystal Healing Practitioner
    • Angelic Reiki
    • E.F.T Practitioner
    • Matrix re-imprinting™ Practitioner
    • Access Consciousness Access Bars™ Certified Facilitator
    • ThetaHealing® Practitioner
    • 13th Munay-Ki Rite of the Womb
    • Student of The Lyceum – Gynocentric Shamanic Practice (Ongoing training)
    • Emergency First Aid At Work Certification

All certificates can be provided for insurance purposes upon request.

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Be free…Be happy….Be healthy!