Compassionate Heart

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Coming back to the compassionate heart is the requirement of your soul growth . 

Your mind – brain and intellect has been over used and you cannot trust it in the way that you can trust your heart -brain . 

 Letting go of your over active mind brain and its ‘foolish intelligence’ and dropping into your compassionate heart brain is the only key factor for you to realise peace of mind and a meaningful life . 

Self Consciousness is the opposite of Soul Consciousness , it is driven by the ego and will keep you small and unfulfilled. 

Compassionate Heart

The more i do this work the more i have come to realise that if we are not acting from our compassionate heart in ALL that we think and do then on some level it will be affecting our own future physical or mental health.  It will definitely be impacting on the growth of the soul. 

The key to life is to grow into our full spiritual expression of ourselves. this is where true bliss , contentment and passion reside. In order to do this fully we need to show up to be of purpose. 

To grow our spirit is to serve with passion and love in our life. Compassion is the bliss expression of the heart centre which is you as your soul-consciousness  or christ -consciousness. Compassionate Heart.

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