At Natures Temple

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Welcome back to our blog. At Natures Temple .

. At Natures Temple

A carpet of bluebells delicately cover the ground,

Violet  swathes of featherlight silks,

An ocean of belles bow their namaste,

Gathering sisters sway me into their sacred circle,

Gently they soothe me into a trance.


Wild garlic enticing me with her delicious perfume,

Pure white beauty contrasting the dark woodland floor ,

Unable to resist her I drift towards her heady aroma,

Upon her emerald stage her face a radiant star,

Hypnotising me with her seductive dance.


An Impromptu choir now gathering momentum,

A blissful harmony filling the air,

No opera could outshine this heavenly chorus,

In the temple of nature I attune to her sound,

Strings of life entwining a force from above.


As I sit at the heart of this temple I honour all that have fallen,

The each leaf, each branch , each once sturdy trunk,

Each breath has meaning for my heart to be filled,

With purpose, compassion and be full of good grace,

As nature reminds us a symphony back to love.


At natures temple

Jeni 3:5:24 at woodland temple.


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