6 Mindsets for a Peaceful Life

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Hi All, Welcome back to our blog – 6 Mindsets for a Peaceful Life.

We are all the same us humans.

6 Mindsets for a Peaceful Life

Quite simply we are all looking to achieve peace, happiness & joy in our lives.

We are often disappointed when we only get a mere glimmer of this.  We can become easily frustrated when we briefly find it only for it to be lost again.

There are many different psychologies out there offering insights into getting to know yourself.  It can seem overwhelming knowing where to even begin when our minds are already in the place of stress, anger, frustration and overload.

I have just very simply have put down a brief guide to offer you some easy and helpful advice.

6 Mindsets for a Peaceful Life

I believe some of the most important values in life are:

Acceptance, compassion, forgiveness, understanding, communication ,  and patience . 

If we really think about these 6 basic human values and apply them mindfully within our lives then we cannot fail in becoming more peaceful, happier , in harmony and balance.

When we step away from these values we are only ever going to experience very fleeting episodes of peace, happiness , joy and harmony .

We can spend our whole lives holding onto blame , judgement and be angered at all the things in life which have prevented our quest for peace and happiness.

We can also choose instead to practice these above 6 steps within our mindful awareness at all times . I invite you to try it.
Just begin by  taking one of the values . Then  focus your entire practice on this value in every single situation. After even just one week just watch how much easier everything becomes for you!

If you are also in the position to be able to teach this to young children then i believe these steps are the absolute key to allow young people to grow into balanced, healthy adults. These well formed beings become caring not only of themselves but of others and this in turn raises the vibration of the whole planet.

Have an amazing day.

Be free…..Be happy!

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