Calming The Mind

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Hi All, Welcome back to our blog. Calming The Mind.

In the busy world of today we have lost the art of calming the mind.

A disturbed mind is an easily influenced (or an attached) mind. An attached mind is an  addicted mind.  Whatever you are attached or addicted to will cost you your peace.

Calming The Mind.

Calming The Mind

Learn to maintain your peace of mind by freeing yourself from attachments. Attachments will always lead to negative behaviour which is not in alignment with the bliss code of the soul.

Notice what your own particular attachments are. Some examples to identify with may include ;

  • Comparing yourself with others may lead to attachments of jealousy.
  • Controlling and perfection seeking may lead to attachments of anxiety and restlessness.
  • Desirous attachment to other people or things may lead to attachments of needing to possess.
  • Competing and chasing status , titles (or things that equate to that ) may lead to attachments of deluded pride .
  • Impatience with others may lead to attachments to anger.
  • A deluded view may be attached to Ignorance and lack of compassion.

All of these things are external and are the roots of an unsettled mind.

An inner focus allows you to keep your eye on your higher self. At the core of us all we are love, compassion , unity and we know we are all connected. Any behaviour where we are unable to maintain a calm mind requires us to look at our inner shadows.

Remember your original nature. It allows you to forge a link with the Divine Soul or Higher Self.

Then it becomes easy to recognise useless external thoughts and replace them with a spiritual perspective.

A calm mind is not just peaceful, it is focused, self-directing and accessing our Divine Birthright of the Souls Bliss Code.

Thank you for reading.


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