Emotions and your health

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Emotions and your health.

Today I want to blog about how important it is for us to be aware that we cannot separate our  physical health from our emotional health.  Every single feeling you have affects your body in some way and stressful and negative emotions can really impact on your physical health.

To define stress …this is anything (whether real or imagined) which is perceived as a threat or toxic to the body and how the body reacts to it.

So how does this affect us ? ….well we are all different so for some it may affect the brain chemistry and mental health, for others it affects hormonal balance, blood sugars, immune response, digestive health etc…..

As a meta health practitioner i would always consider emotions when working with physical and mental health conditions with my clients, allopathic medicine still sees physical conditions as caused by something OUTSIDE of the body …and therefore treats this as a pathogen which can be “remedied” with drugs (masking the root) or cutting a part of the body away. As our emotions (and energy but thats another blog!) cannot be seen they are not considered to be a part of the potential for disharmony…..yet ironically G.P’s often cite “You must be stressed” …..before prescribing the pill!

Although we are all different , i often find some common links between certain emotions and pain or disharmony in certain parts f the body.
Some brief examples ; (this is not conclusive just some observations from my clinical work)
~Grief – Often manifests heart issues and when doing energy clearing work i almost always work on the heart meridian and chakras.
~Depression – Often manifests pains in the chest , lungs etc.The governing meridian , lung meridians etc often help with letting go (LU1)
~ Anxiety – Often manifests pains in the brain stem (vagus nerve) and diaphragm and benefits for anxiety are found with central meridians, heart, spleen and kidney which is why E.F.T is one of the fastest methods and i use for all clients who are anxiety sufferers.
~ Guilt – Often manifests in the large intestine and the LI , Central and Governing meridians along with lower root and sacral chakras will almost always need work

When you are feeling emotionally stressed, the body releases stress hormones like cortisol from the adrenals which prepare your body to fight or run from the stressful event.
When you are in this phase the pressure is put onto the organs…for example the heart rate may increase, the lungs need to take in more oxygen, blood flow increases, and therefore the immune system becomes temporarily suppressed, which reduces your response to fighting pathogens.
Long term you can see how this impacts on health.

Clinical trials and studies have shown us that E.F.T and other therapies such as Kinesiology etc can effectively reduce the emotional impact and energetic or biochemical impact of such emotional stresses and once the stress is reduced the body can often rebalance itself, and this facilitates long term healing.

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