Growing Pains

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Growing Pains









The riddle is this

Am i who i think i am as i strip through the layers

I know that my face has been upturned for too long now and giddy i have been

Filled to the brim with bubbles and fizz of spirit.


I am restless, and hungry for a journey deep into the underworld

It stirs deep within me, i have dipped my toe into this dark deep cavern

I long to dive in , be terrified and know that i may not surface

Those waves that pulse and cause a tremor and refuse to settle my heart.


The puzzle is such

Am i whole this human , or hole this human

I do not have to be good , I do not have to be god

I loosen my grip on that thought i feel myself slipping and sliding down.


I fight and in that moment i feel its full weight slipping over me

I weaken , i surrender to the inevitable journey

Here i am again, yet the landscape of this terrain new

These corridors echo footsteps that are not of my past.


I gaze into my own depth , the shadows show me

My essence is reflected back to me within the black mirror

This place of the soul speaks , to give up all that your ego told you

Is how you live in a world that is free.


White Raven – 14:06:2020 A shamanic journey. Poetry is from the heart , a form of art , an expression born of an emotion in time. If you care to share then from my heart to your heart please do and always credit the artist.