Spirit Of Brighton Beach

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         Spirit Of Brighton Beach 

To run towards the ocean 
salty air, salty hair , salty chips 
all salty and divine , once upon the gift of time. 

To return to the pebbles 
The majestically decaying pier
Know you can hear, Wish you were here.

spirit of brighton beach

The shoreline vast endless 
Ghosts shimmer upon the horizon
Gulls screaming , how i’m feeling.

Incoming deep dark surging waves
Feel the swell, surf the torrent 
Ebb tide follows, slow now the current. 

Purifying streams of light rain down 
Unfurl and fill me, expand and empty me
Quiet the chatter, grounding to matter.

Safe in this eternal space for sure
Angel upon a rock you rest
Frothing sea foam ,carries you home.

Oh the sound of the shingle ,sweet soft song
My heart beats as one with the drum of the stone,
My mind is at peace, here upon Brighton Beach.

Angel Of Peace Brighton