Steps for happiness & positivity…..

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Do you know why we find it so  much easier to hold negative thoughts in our mind ?

We are pre programmed to register negative stuff rapidly as this is our inbuilt ‘survival  mechanism’ allowed our ancestors to sense early danger and then respond (before being eaten by that sabre tooth tiger !). However, the positive information has to be held in awareness for at least 12 seconds before it becomes a long-term memory.

So in the modern day world we still have that inbuilt ability to in sensing and responding to negative experiences, thoughts or emotions and with all of the distractions of the modern day world we do not allow (so easily) the 12 second register of the positive.

So you can see how easy it is for the negative distress to be registered and cause us anxiety, stress, depression etc in our lives today.

So we need to cultivate ways to allow the positive moments resonate and leave that lasting imprint . This is some of the stuff i have blogged about before so if you are able to take 12 seconds of pleasure in all that you do (even in a negative experience can you find a positive?)

Give it a go, you may feel it lighten your day.

Here are a few ideas ……

Read something inspirational – find some positive and motivational quotes, stories and articles that really makes you think . If you follow me on Facebook then i am always posting some to get you started, i usually post at least one a day.
Remember happiness is a choice – You are the only thinker in your own mind. Noone can impose unhappiness on you against your will…WOW!!!

Give it out and watch it it come back – Be nice to others….watch how it feels when you say hello to a passing stranger, do something kind…just bacause. Enjoy how it makes you feel, just because you can .

Give thanks for some aspect of your life every day – Allow yourself to be grateful for the big and little things you have in life , a home, loving relationship, the fact that the sun is shining (yey!!!) your dog who bounds up to great you after a long day at work ?, a smile from a stranger   ………

Each night before bed, write down 3 good things that happened that day , or just think those thoughts before bed. Start to register every positive moment to re-train your mind.

Start each day with a positive fresh mind, even though yesterday was disappointing today is a blank canvas and set your mind at the start of the day to see how many positives you can find.


Practice positivity – Promise yourself you are only going to talk kindly and positively today . If you are used to doing a task and then criticising yourself…try this….imagine you were encouraging a friend, loved one or child …what words would you use with them (i bet not the ones you are using on yourself right now ? !)…..remember YOY are your own best friend, you need to love yourself and you have an inner child who NEEDS encouragement in order to grow!!



If you would like more help on this aspect then you can call me for a confidential chat about how Peace of Mind Health can help you improve your life.

Thanks for reading.

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