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SimplicityHi All, welcome back to our blog – this week Simplicity.

I was thinking about the importance of simplicity and how it has become so lost in our modern world.
Young people in todays world are written off as ‘the snowflake generation’ and judged as having no resilience to the world they live in.

I do not believe this is true , what i feel is that the world that we live in is NOT SIMPLE any more.

The world is far more complicated than when i was growing up.
The world we live in is filled with so much distraction, everything is documented and the aspirational ‘role models’ in this world is fake and an exaggerated caricature of itself…..not easy and i know which world i would prefer to grow up in.
We loose sight of simplicity and its beauty, its healing qualities, its truth….and younger people just don’t know what simplicity is.

I invite you to choose a day as your day of simplicity.

What does this mean ?
Well here are a few pointers to check in with ;

  • Speak little – we are not comfortable with silence as our egos get more out of control and we believe we should be the crowd pleaser. Less is more.
  • Listen with attention – try to be fully engaged in what you are hearing. See if you can hold back without turning the attention back to yourself and your opinions.
  • Do something nice for someone , whether a friend or a stranger. See if you can do it without wanting reward . Make it anonymous.
  • Turn all your message notifications to silent, you only respond immediately when you hear the ping. Better still leave your phone at home, or off.
  • Delete yourself off social media channels all day and see how it makes you feel ? FOMO or itchy fingers means you are addicted.
  • Eat simple and natural food, straight from the ground and unprocessed. Drink clean fresh water and see how that simplifies your bio chemical make up.
  • Listen to your body, eat when it speaks not when the clock tells you.
  • Appreciate everything for what it is, try to let go of judgements of situations and people.
  • Think about how you can make your life more simple. Create time for not doing anything. Over time you get used to the new patterns.
    I truly believe that we are not in our true bliss if we cannot live our lives being present, and being present requires simplicity. You will be constantly battling stress, anxiety, FOMO until you find space to just walk, look around, live the moment and open yourself and your mind to a more profound way of being.

Thank you for reading

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