Do you have JOMO ?

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Do you have JOMO
Hi All, Welcome back to our blog. The other day a friend said to me that i had JOMO.
I wasn’t sure what this meant at the time and so a conversation followed.
We have all heard of FOMO (fear of missing out ), however i wasn’t aware that JOMO(joy of missing out ) was actually a thing!
After this enlightening conversation it made me think a little more deeply about what this really means.
We live in a world where we feel that we need to be immediate in everything we do.
If our phone pings, we immediately feel we need to address it.
On the other end people get anxious if that text wasn’t responded to immediately. Or heaven forbid if they can see we are present on some social media platform and yet haven’t replied to their message!

What kind of crazy has become our norm?

Within my own life i do not subscribe to this stuff any longer. This is what people see in me now. However it hasn’t always been like this so i understand if this is where you are at.
I have said yes to things i wanted to say no to.
I have spent far to much of my precious life in situations that made me feel anxious or stressed when i didn’t really need to.
I have spent many precious hours with people that were not the right people for me.
I have in the past had the fear of saying NO.

It takes practice to live the JOMO way.

I am very grateful that i have been able to recognise the things that trigger me and make me feel unhappy , stressed, anxious , angry or any other less than balanced way of being.
I am very grateful that i have put the time and energy into listening to my own needs and really working towards a life that allows me to be free from all that stuff.
I am not saying that path has always been easy, BUT what i am saying is that it was TOTALLY worth it!
Today i live by my own rules ;

  • My phone doesn’t tell me when ANY message comes through (from texts, e mails, social platforms). That way i only look periodically and not until the end of the day when i finish work.
  • My phone is on airplane mode from 8pm-8am (how many times have you actually had to respond to an emergency, and you can use do not disturb as an alternative ).
  • My work phone has NO apps on at all, not even e-mails.
  • I do not attend functions because i think i ‘should ‘. If i do not immediately want to say yes then i take that invite and think about why i hesitated and if it isn’t going to give me pleasure i find a way to let it go with honesty where i can and diplomacy when needed.
  • I do not make meet ups with people that do not give as much as they take . People that do not leave me feeling energised (and hopefully i them too).

Its ok to have JOMO , it means you are being authentically you!

Thank you for reading.

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