A Morning Meditation

A Morning Meditation

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Hi All, welcome back to our blog – A Morning Meditation.

A little morning meditation for you for when life feels too confined and crazy.
Just slow down and take a few breaths and then do these mindfully .
Take a minute on each of the below points. Breath and connect to each on before moving on to the next.
Sit in nature find a little space .
Sit in nature and listen .

  • Take some deep but gentle breaths. be mindful of each breath in and out.
  • Listen to the whisper of the tree.
  • Now notice the breeze as it touches you and how it feels.
  • Feel the temperature the cool air on the top of your nose or the warm sun on your skin .
  • Listen the joy and lifting energy of the flowers.
  • Focus on one flower and really feel it’s energy, see the colours, notice each petal.
  • Feel the energy of Gaia , feel the grounding earth beneath your feet .
  • Just connect with the peaceful energy that this planet can also give you .
  • Listen for the voices of the animals around you . How do they speak to you ?

There is a whole secret language being spoken …. you just need to free yourself from the static world and plug into nature
Have a peaceful day.

Thank you for reading.
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