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Hi Dear Ones,

Welcome back to our blog. Back to Balance

Happiness lasts when we take some time for ourselves. Just for us.

For us to feel good and stay in balance it is important to take some time for yourself, to look after yourself.

Always find some time for things that make you feel happy and alive. Put yourself on airplane mode and focus on you.

We all have time for what we prioritise , sometimes we need to be honest with that.

It can be 30 minutes or a day but we can all fit something in.

Today my me time list is a good one , i am happy it’s a good commitment which Includes ;

  • time in nature with my dog to soothe the soul and ground me.
  • breathwork meditation to raise my vital energy and calm the mind.
  • kundalini yoga to revitalise my body and spirit.
  • expressive dance to free my spirit and reconnect to my goddess energy.
  • Cake and hot chocolate because it makes me happy.

It’s not always easy but I can’t think of a better feeling than knowing I have made that commitment, released the excuses and put me first.

It’s great to feel so alive, the rewards are abundant.

Thank you for reading.


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