Beau-Chi Vitality Bomb Recipe

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These Beau-Chi Vitality Bombs are just yummy, raw goodness.

Seriously they are loaded with antioxidants and good fats that will literally make your skin glow and also a fantastic source of proteins and raw plant vitality. If you struggle mid morning or mid afternoon then these babies are going to give you super powers!

What could be better than this ?

All the ingredients i have used are RAW , unprocessed food in its wonderful natural , as its meant to be state.

5 Tablespoons Raw unpasturised honey
5 Tablespoons Raisins
5 tablespoons coconut oil softened
4 Tablespoons Tahini Paste (you can use a different nut butter if you prefer)
200grams Cashews (soaked in filtered water for 2 hours then rinsed)
3 Tablespoons pumpkin seeds
1 tablespoon chia seeds
3 tablespoons raw cacao powder
3 tablespoons raw dried coconut flakes

Whack it all into a processor or blender and blitz to your desired consistency. Roll into balls and place on parchment paper. I added coconut to decorate as i love it but you could add goji berries or hemp seeds or sesame seeds to your liking. Have a play , choose different nuts they will all work.

Serve + enjoy = That’s it!

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