Building Harmonious Relationships

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Hi All,

We have been doing a lot of work  this month on helping clients build harmony within relationships.

Many of the questions that often come up involve clients feeling ‘stuck’ , ‘helpless ‘ or ‘desperate’ to change the relationship.

Sometimes this negative phase can leave us feeling so despondent and we often get left with many negative including feelings of frustration or built up anger (or both !!)

Have you ever felt like this ? ….My partner / boss / colleague / friend / family will NEVER change ??? ….It doesn’t seem to matter what you do ?!!!!

How do we overcome this ?

Can we really create change in somebody… without them consenting or knowing about it?


We work with clients in session to develop the patterns which emerge within relationships, once we recognise the pattern we can intercept and break the state. Without even realising it  WE are subconsciously setting the patterns (or creating our life story) by our actions and behaviours.

So its simple really,  we work successfully at helping you identify the subconscious patterns that  are presenting difficulties and problems in your life right now and then help you to re-create more harmonious patterns which will effectively change what they’re doing.

We have worked with many clients both privately and within businesses to help bring abut harmony within relationships of all kinds.

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