Castor Oil Packs for Detoxing

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A   castor   oil   pack  for detoxing  is   an   external   application   of   castor   oil.   A   piece   of  (ideally organic material) flannel   is   saturated  in  castor  oil  and  applied  to  the  liver, intestines or womb (please discuss with a qualified therapist before performing womb packs)  with  a  hot  water  bottle  or  heat   pack.

Castor   oil   packs for detoxing aim to  improve   assimilations,   eliminations,   circulation   (especially   of   the   lymphatic   system)   and   breaking   down   scar  tissue.

To  Make  the  Pack:
Use  an organic material if possible flannel,  big  enough  to  cover  your  abdominal  area.
Put   it   in   a   pan   or   bowl   and   pour   castor   oil   on   it.
Saturate   the   whole   flannel,   and   leave   it   until   it   is   well saturated.
When   you   use   it,   you   want   it   saturated,   but   not   dripping.
After  each  use,  you  will  probably  need  to  add  a  little  more  castor  oil.
You  can  use  the   flannel   many   times.   When   you’re   not   using   it,   you   can   store   it   in   a   plastic   bag   in   the   refrigerator  or  cool  place.

Instructions for Pack Use :
Use  the  pack  in  the  evening,  as  you  are  resting  before  bed  or  when  you  have   quiet  time.
Spread  out  a  large  plastic  bag  on  the  bed  with  an  old  towel  on  top  so  that  the   castor   oil   won’t   leak   onto   the   bed.
Fold   a   towel   (that   you   will   use   only   for   castor  oil  packs,  because  the  oil  is  almost  impossible  to  wash  out  completely).
Warm  the  heat  pack/hot  water  bottle.
Lie  down  on  your  back  on  the  towel.
Place  the  pack  on  your  Liver, Intestines or Womb,  with  the   heating   pad   on   top   and   the   towel   on   top   of   that. It   should   be   very   warm,   but   not  so  hot  it  burns  you.
Ideally,   keep   the   pack   on   for   1   to   1   1⁄2   hours.   Although   anything   from   20   minutes  onwards  is  beneficial. Have  a  paper  towel  handy  to  wipe  the  oil  off  yourself  when  you  get  up.
You  can  perform  3  times  a  week   for optimum results.


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