Natural ways to boost fertility if you want to have a baby

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There are many natural ways to boost fertility and also to support your body if you want to have a baby,  so i thought i would share some of them with you on this page.

It is so important to minimise the levels of stress in your life if you want to boost your chances of conceiving. Stress has such a huge impact on the overall hormonal system and your whole endocrine system will be struggling to release the correct hormones at the correct time when you are stressed. Slow down where you can, try meditation yoga or gentle exercise to help you.

Detox the liver
Detoxing the liver can be hugely beneficial for overall hormone balance as the liver takes on extra burden in trying to deal with imbalance of the endocrine system. A fertility cleanse (castor oil packs, see my other blog castor oil packs for detoxing for info on how to do this)  can really help support and strengthen the liver, as can milk thistle.

Fertility Massage Therapy™
Fertility Massage Therapy™ helps the body to rid itself of toxins, encourages healthy blood flow and circulation, releases and blockages and scar tissue as well as encouraging healthy communication between the pituitary, hypothalamus, and ovaries.  By massaging the ovaries and including the stress relieving benefits of massage, a healthier hormonal balance can be found in the body. See here for more information  Fertility Massage Therapy™

Visualisation Techniques
Such as Hypnotherapy can be extremely effective to allow you to release any blockages or fears that you may have around having a baby. You can look online for things that may help you or work with a fertility specialist if you need more detailed support. Fertility Enhancement Programmes designed by us have been extremely succesful.

Fertility Diet Nutrition
Being a healthy weight is important for healthy hormonal function. Being both underweight or overweight can have a huge impact on how the body produces FSH. Some of the key things to ensure you have within your diet include ……
~ Lots of leafy green (organic ) veggies to alkalise and mineralise the body,
~ EFA’s in particular omega 3 which includes nuts , seeds, oily fish (not farmed) and omega 3 rich eggs.
~ Reduce the amount of sugars, processed foods,etc in the diet.
~ Remove any dairy , meat , fish that is strictly not organic as you will be digesting growth hormones and antibiotics from those non organic source.
~ Drink only bottled mineral water as tap water is high in oestrogen from the amount of birth control pills women take. This may have a huge detrimental effect on the hormonal system.
~ Bee pollen is one of the most nutrient dense foods you can eat. It contains proteins, minerals, vitamins, immune system compounds etc.
~ Maca helps to control oestrogen in the body. Maca can increase progesterone levels (and therefor lower excess oestrogen) which are essential to carrying a healthy pregnancy.
~ Agnus Cactus (chasteberry or Vitex) encourages LH production and slightly reduces the release of FSH which has a knock on effect of increasing progesterone production and therefore the chances maintaining a successful pregnancy….in fact this is my favourite herb as it balances out lots of hormonal issues.

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