Tips To Boost Fertility Naturally

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Hi All,

We specialise in fertility work with clients and all too often i find clients seem  confused about what they can do to boost their fertility so i thought i would write this blog to help anyone who needs some basic info to help understand the importance of good nutrition and how this can significantly boost fertility.
Here is some information which you can take on board to boost your fertility naturally.

Good Fertility foods include :
1. Eat  whole,  unprocessed  foods. Avoid all pre packaged , microwave foods.
2. Eat meats,  poultry  and  eggs  from organic pasture fed  animals and  wild  fish  (not  farmed)  and  shellfish  from  unpolluted  waters.  Never factory farmed product.
3. Reduce stress from your life, practice meditation, alternative natural therapies and yoga which will prepare your body for pregnancy.
4. Eat  full fat organic milk  products  from  pasture fed  cows,  preferably  raw  and/or  fermented,  such  as  raw   milk,  whole  yogurt,  kefir,  cultured  butter,  whole  raw  cheeses  and  fresh  and  sour  cream.   (Imported  cheeses  that  say  “milk”  or  “fresh  milk”  on  the  label  are  raw.)  Avoid  processed,  pasteurized  milk; low-fat   milk,  skim  milk,  powdered  milk etc.
5. Use  animal  fats,  especially  butter,  liberally.  Never use margarine.
6. Use  traditional  vegetable  oils  only (extra  virgin  olive  oil, sesame  oil,  coconut  oil).
7. Take  cod  liver  oil  regularly  to  provide  at  least  10,000  IU  vitamin  A  and  1,000  IU  vitamin  D  per   day.     8. Eat  fresh organic fruits  and  vegetables , if you cannot get organic then ensure the product has been left to rinse in lemon juice and water for about 15-20mins and then rinse again.
9. Use himalayan salt only as it is a good source of mineral content.
10. NEVER eat products that contain any ASPARTAME,acesulfame K, neotame, saccharin, sucralose , all of these are artificial sweetners (brand names sweet n low, Splenda, NutraSweet, and Equa etc). Use  natural  sweeteners  in  moderation,  such  as raw  honey,  maple  syrup, coconut sugar or stevia  powder.
11. Cook  only  in  stainless  steel,  cast  iron,  glass  or  good  quality  enamel. NEVER aluminium.
12. Get  plenty  of  sleep,  exercise  and  natural  light to increase your D3 which will increase your immunity.
13. Avoid  products  containing  protein  powders  as  they  usually  contain  carcinogens  formed  during   processing;  and  consumption  of  protein  without  the  cofactors  occurring  in  nature  can  lead  to   deficiencies,  especially  of  vitamin .
15. Avoid  artificial  food  additives,  especially  MSG,  hydrolyzed  vegetable  protein  and  aspartame,   which  are  neurotoxins.  Most  soups,  sauce  and  broth  mixes  and  most  commercial  condiments   contain  MSG,  even  if  not  indicated  on  the  label.
16. Avoid Soya which are  high  in  phytates,  contain  enzyme  inhibitors , and is a hormone  disrupter.

When buying food, eating local, organic or growing your own vegetables really  is the best option as it helps to decrease the exposure to pesticides and increases the nutritional value.
80% of your food should be healthy options and then 20% of the time, allow yourself treats.

Mealtimes should not be more than 4 hours between meals (or good quality snacks to keep you going between meals), to keep insulin levels even and hormonal levels balanced.
Taking time to sit down to eat and relax with food and chewing food well, until it is liquid helps with digestion.

Here at Peace of Mind Health we support and nurture clients through their wonderful fertility journey with our knowledge and experience in all aspects of Mind, Body and Energy.

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