Healthy Zucchini Chrisps

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Who would have known just how delicious a plain old zucchini would be as a tasty snack. These lovely veg are really low in calories and a good source of potassium ( to reduce blood pressure ) and also vitamin C which is great for immune support and cell regeneration .

I really enjoyed making these and found shaving the strips really therapeutic.
They did seem to take a long time to cook ( or maybe that was the impatient part of me who just couldn’t wait to scoff these delightful and healthy treats !).
You can change the seasoning to suit you, but here’s what I used.


1 zucchini
olive oil
Himalayan salt
Ground black pepper
Apple cider vinegar


Heat oven to 220c
Use a peeler to shave strips of zucchini or if you prefer oval Chrisps them slice wafer thin.
Mix olive oil salt, pepper, and some vinegar in a small bowl and then coat the strips or slices.
Use the grill as a baking tray (so this the bottom of the Chrisps do not stay soggy or stick and burn ).
Cook for about 40 mins , checking as some will crisp faster than others.
You only get a serving for one out of a large zucchini. They taste so great I’m just about to make some more!

Serve + enjoy = That’s it!

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