Dandelion Spirit

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Dandelion Spirit






Dandelion power i call to you,

Show me your essence in you i trust,

Spirt emerge your language true,

Your humble presence is angels dust.


The circle the cycle the flow of all things.

The gifts you share to keep us present,

Divine inspiration that using you brings,

Listen to you as teaching is sent.


Your strength persists you will survive,

Root into mother earth below,

We can stand strong to stay alive,

No matter how life’s winds will blow.


Make a wish, blow into the air your seed,

Set seeds of fortune into the wind,

Carried far from the clock, wish is now freed,

Released and then the dream is aligned.


Your mighty yellow sun can teach,

Magik turns fairy clock flower,

That nature is ever within reach,

Its alchemy abundant power.

White Raven 26:04:2020   – Poetry is from the heart , a form of art , an expression born of an emotion in time. If you care to share then from my heart to your heart please do and always credit the artist.