Dear Wild Woman,

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Dear Wild Woman,








As you rise up from the ashes of dismemberment

Step forth

Bring with you a willingness to be free

You do not need to pack for this journey

what you had before will no longer fit

Those old ways must be left behind

Surrender into the womb of this void

Feed and be nourished on the breast of time

Let this silence fill you up.

Goddess of Love










When you are ready then step out

It will seem dark as you begin on this path

You may hear familiar callings that try to guide you

Close your ears to those old melodies

They will render you back into captivity

Let the knowing be your beacon

You have been preparing for this

And yet you feel unready

For places that you have only witnessed within your dreams

Let the knowing navigate you

Wild Woman back home









To remember who you really are

To revive and breathe life into the stories

Told from the lips of mothers, sisters, and daughters

Heard by the ears of fathers, brothers and sons

And to keep telling the stories of truth

Wild Woman please do not go back .








A poem inspired by Global Dismemberment 12:12:2020 – jeni Stroud

This is not just for woman , it is for the eyes and ears of all who are awakening to what needs to change .

Change is never readily accepted and we cling to what is familiar even when it is destroying in its essence.

The dismemberment is happening within the landscape of us , our lives , our landscape , our earth and our rules and ways of thinking and being .


Poetry is from the heart , a form of art , an expression born of an emotion in time. If you care to share then from my heart to your heart please do and always credit the artist.