Divine Power

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Divine Power

Divine Power

Upon its surface is a carefully constructed mask

Which portrays you as blithe and free of cares

Yet deep within your waters you resist to release

At war with bubbling cosmic forces restrained.


Swallowing back stifled energy transmuted

You remain angry human, for you are fearful

This crippling of mind will atrophy the body

Until all that is held rigid in thought softens.


I pray for your soul to be set free

Surrender to the vulnerability of your own death

Once you drink fully from the chalice of the goddess

Be unafraid and you shall be reborn.


To scholars are revealed  sacred arts of the cauldron

Herein lies the truth fountain of eternal youth

Charge your wand as your power sets sail upon currents

Learn the mastery of wind, sun, earth ether and moon.

Divine Power

Magpie 7:9:23

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