Are you living in JOY!

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Hi Dear Ones,

Welcome back to our blog. Are you living in JOY!

Are you living in JOY!

What would happen if you lived for your own goals , needs , desires and dreams rather than what you were taught to believe was the ‘right’ or ‘best’ thing?

What would change if you acted from your heart and not your head ?

Would you still choose the same life path and yearn after the same attachments in this world if you were not buying into a belief system about what success looks like ?

Where is your internal compass when it comes to or needing validation for your place in the world ?

Often we live in a world created around the need for title, status , validation and material representations of what success looks like. Yet this is often where people have most stress, restlessness, burnout and are a million miles away from peace, contentment, freedom and true inner joy.

Observe what is dominating your world right now ;

Are you living in JOY ?

  • Stress or Peace (if your peace comes from sleep, getting drunk or awaiting a holiday it doesn’t count!).
  • Enslaved or Freedom (enslaved in the modern world means enslaved to the trappings of luxuries such as phone, sky , loans and credit card bills to pay for material things )
  • Expanded or Constricted (constricted means that your life is tight to a schedule and packed with no wriggle room)
  • Head or Heart (feeling from thinking , logical , needing to know why all head)
  • Job or Play every day (a quarter of your whole time is spent at work , if it isn’t playful or joyous , fun or creative then it is going to impact on your overall energy).

If you are buying into a life or style that is creating disharmony then it maybe time to unlock some of the beliefs that are holding you back from manifesting joy, ease , freedom and abundance .

Thank you for reading.


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