Finding A Life Partner Tools

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Welcome back to our blog, this week – Finding A Life Partner Tools.

Finding A Life Partner ToolsThis is a great coaching model i use with clients who are looking at relationship goals. So i wanted to share this with you today.

Finding a life partner can be so much easier when we look at what motivates us in our goals then we can not only understand ourselves better but we can also see sometimes where our blind spots are which will enable us to work around the blind spots when we bring our awareness to them.

For example , if we are looking at finding our life partner or we are in a relationship already and deciding if they are the one then it can be helpful to look at what is the key driver making the longer term decision for you.

1. Is it Physical. Longer than the initial attraction is the most important thing for you their body, their looks , physique ,how they dress sense etc.

2. Is is Financial. Is the decider whether they will be able to provide the lifestyle you want or the security of that is more important to you.

3. Is it Mental. Is the meeting of minds and their way of thinking or intellect most important or attractive to you.

4. Is is Emotional. Is the idea of being needed and wanted so important to you that the idea of ever having to be alone again keeps you deeply committed to the partnership you are in.

5. Is it Spiritual. Is having the same life goals, purpose and dreams the most attractive part of your choices.

Finding A Life Partner Tools

Knowing the reason why you make your choices (or stay where you are , unfulfilled) gives you more clarity about the subject or situation.

See the good and work through where your life views may need updating.

This model can be applied to friendships and bigger decisions within your life too.
Thank you for reading.

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