Finding Meaning

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Hi All,

Welcome back to our blog. Finding Meaning. 


Everything we do is determined by how we are within our own minds.

Finding Meaning

We can go to the most beautiful places , have extravagant lifestyles , live in luxury and still not achieve any depth of meaning .

If our mind is without meaning then every experience will seem shallow , and any pleasure will be get will be fleeting . We may find ourself then chasing and craving more stimulation to settle our unsatisfied minds.

However when we have a mind that can develop meaning then even the smallest or most mundane of actions will generate a positive feeling within us .

For example if we can develop a feeling of meaning in washing as an act of self care,  Ironing as caring for others  and cleaning our home is caring for our surroundings. This is beginning a wish to create and finding meaning into ordinary things. 

If we choose to set our  daily intentions in this way then finding meaning in  everything can bring a peaceful mind .


Thank you for reading.


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