Forgotten How To Dream

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Welcome back to our blog.  Forgotten How To Dream

Forgotten How To Dream

Most of us have forgotten how to dream. We have exchanged our creativity for security. We have become very logically “intelligent ” . This binary way of thinking closing down all of our creative senses, our juiciness and our wild untethered soul.

The current state of the world is a wake up call that brings us back to a place that gives us a reset to come back to our dreams and hopes.

Forgotten How To Dream

This is the time to awaken into the truth and realise that beyond us there is another, unlimited, energy in action.

This energy will lead us back to our soul purpose . This energy will surpass our limited logical expectations, if only we can let go and allow ourselves to be carried back to our creative dream space.

Now is the time.

The more we remember our dream, activate it and lean into it ,  the more we become alert for the coincidences and synchronicities that will bring us in its direction.

Thank you for reading.

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Forgotten How To Dream