Healing the Soul.

Healing the Soul

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Healing the Soul. Hi All, Welcome back to our blog – Healing the Soul.

Nature is always speaking to us.

When we are separated from nature we are separating from ourselves at the level of the soul and the collective oversoul.

The oversoul and the soul reside deep within the earth and the magnetic grid or the crystalline grid.

The chaos we are feeling within the world right now is a collective projection of the oversoul and it is speaking out. It seems there is much chaos in all areas. The truth is this is the collective energy and the unprocessed grief all surfacing.

This is nothing new, it has been speaking for a very long time, we are just at a tipping point. A bit like a boil that needs lancing when it comes to a head.

If you haven’t found an anchor in this transaction time then the world may feel overwhelming, fearful, you may feel you are being angered and ignited or affected by things. You may find you are pulled into overthinking and chaotic actions yourself. You may be disassociated. If you feel completely unaffected then you are disassociated.

I have been working with people through this transition point, the great thing is that the shadows come forward to be healed. The ‘old stuff’ that has not been fully healed may be resurfacing within you.

If you have been experiencing any of these over the last couple of months;

  • The de-railing of good habits (eating, exercising etc).
  • Obsessional behaviour.
  • Fixation on things (which is similar to obsessional behaviour but my be more subtle like over buying or having to have something that you cannot right now).
  • Extreme feelings of emotions such as anger, grief , fears.
  • Overwhelm leading to procrastination.
  • Feeling pulled into other peoples battles or creating battles.
  • Distrust of the world.
  • Completely numb emotionally to world events.

We are clearing the patterns of chaos in the 3rd dimension. It is a very important time and we need to move through it . The fastest way to be balanced through this time is reconnecting with the soul.

If you are feeling any of the above then i invite you to reconnect with the earth. The soul and the oversoul reside here and the first gateway to the soul is through the earth.

Go to ground, tell it to the earth and allow the soul to speak. Nature is your ally and use the soul connection to find your way.

If this feels alien to you or you do not know where to begin then contact me. It is a great time and i offer you discounted online , shamanic and soul journey work or workshops to help you through this vortex.

The Chaos Within The Soul

You are not aware of the size of the storm,
Nature takes cover, birdsong ends,
Its all so quiet, all so still ,
You sleep, trancelike gentle waves creep in.

You are not prepared for the force of the storm,
All senses heightened for the blow,
Blood rising through roots and through veins ,
Heart of soul expanding , contracting.

You are not here to stop the wrath of the storm,
Surrender to the source of flow,
Be of earth, fire, water and air,
Be of all things , of no thing , of dust.

You are here to witness the eye of the storm,
Dismembered , remembered you sing,
The relative velocity,
In the eye of who began it all.

Jeni 09:06 :2020

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Thank you for reading.

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