Being kind in sensitive times.

Being kind in sensitive times

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Being kind in sensitive times. Hi All, Welcome back to our blog – Being kind in sensitive times.

We are living in extremely sensitive times. People are fragile.

Whilst it has always been true that everything we say matters, it seems increasingly vital that we check in with this. 

I wanted to write this blog as sometimes we do not pause to just reflect on what we say and how we say it. More often than not we do not mean to affect another person, and yet every single action we take does just that. 

Likewise , another person is often not trying to affect us, and yet of course they will. Everything effects everything. 


Never has mindfulness in our daily life been required more than it is today. 

If we make it our sincere intention to practice every single interaction mindfully then the outcome will be far more peaceful for ourself and for others. 

  • When that person enters into your personal space , is it ignorance or is it a mistake ? 
  • When another acts differently to you on how they deal with a situation  is it really about right and wrong or is it that they have a different way of processing it ? 

Regardless of the situation, heres the truth

We are not living another persons life. We do not know their situation. We do not know their emotional health or why they need to do what we deem different. 

At the time of writing this it is mental health awareness week (May 2020). In the UK alone 1 in 4 people struggle with mental health issues and this is BEFORE Covid 19 adds its impact to the statistics.

Deterioration in mental health also leads to other issues such as physical disease, drug abuse and self harm and of course suicide. 

If we could extend ourselves a little more to kindness in sensitive times then could we all play a role in improving the collective wellbeing. 

We are one and inevitably when we can reach out then it may just save someones life. 

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Thank you for reading.

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