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COVID TOES and REFLEXOLOGYHi All, Welcome back to our blog. COVID TOES and REFLEXOLOGY.

As a Clinical Reflexologist i find it interesting that the medical profession have identified a new symptom of COVID19 not noticed previously on the foot.

What is even more interesting is that the symptoms are noticed more in children and younger adults who may not show other symptoms. The symptoms seem to resemble that of frostbitten toes.

As a Clinical Reflexologist this is not surprising news at all as we know the feet are a map of the body. What is progressive is having the awareness of this new symptom and  highlighting the link to COVID19. This information is valuable for every clinical remedial reflexologist  out there.

When we resume our clinical reflexology work we have another marker to check the appearance of the toes and determine if touch to them elicits pain . It may be that there are other reasons of course. However, with our existing clients we have comprehensive clinical notes and if there are changes we can quickly identify and this may help us to signpost, highlight an awareness and it is just very interesting for all  Therapists to be aware of. 


COVID TOES and REFLEXOLOGYPlease keep in mind that these symptoms can occur for reasons unrelated to the coronavirus.

At the time of writing this no conclusive studies have been completed, it is just a reference point to explore.

There are a few links at the bottom if you are interested to read into this in more detail.

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