Improve your egg health for fertility.

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Improve your egg health for fertility. You need to consider a 90 day period even before an egg is ovulated, as  the eggs are changing and preparing for ovulation. The eggs can be affected by stress, nutrition, healthy blood flow and hormonal balance.

These things may help you greatly :

* Get at least 1.5litres  glasses of pure water every day as dehydration can cause your blood to become thick and decrease circulation in the body, as well as many other issues.

* Hormonal balance is essential for proper egg health. Due to environmental factors, stress, and modern diets more and more women are becoming hormonally imbalanced. Reflexology can help cleanse the system of excess hormones.

* Take in moderate Exercise, walking,  tai chi, swimming and  yoga will  increase the blood flow  and help to oxygenate the blood.

* Eat well –  Leafy greens, berries, organic salmon, nuts , seeds, advocados, turmeric, ginger  and eggs are all great foods. They have abundant antioxidants  help to protect the egg and sperm from free radical damage.

* Have holistic therapies such as Reflexology or massage to improve overall body and lymphatic drainage.

* Other supplements for nutrition  which may help include :

* L-arginine (an amino acid that has been shown in studies to increase ovarian response, endometrial receptivity, and pregnancy rates in IVF patients who supplemented in large doses of L-arginine. (Published in Human Reproduction 1999).

* Royal Jelly is a fertility superfood which may help to increase the egg quality and quantities.

* Reduce Stress –  take some time out for a relaxing treatment, meditate, etc as stress can have has a detrimental impact on fertility. Women who are constantly under stress produce prolactin, cortisol, and other hormones, which can interfere with or even block regular ovulation.


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