Improve your inner confidence.

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How you talk to yourself can have a huge influence on your feelings and confidence.

Spring clean your mind and clearing out the negative positive can actually determine your behaviour and outward confidence or strength.

Begin by jotting down as many positive characteristics (whether you think you have them or not) you can think of .

For example, I might write:
Calm  /   Intelligence  /  Humour  / Generosity  / Approachability  / Determination  / Strength  / Quick witted /  Kind etc…..

I’m not just asking you to focus on your own present or even future qualities here, but just on the words.

Take a few moments writing them down each day, then a few moments running your eyes up and down your list (it doesn’t matter if it’s a similar list each day). Really reflect upon what each word means to you.

You’ll be amazed how doing this will powerfully prime your unconscious mind. (And if you haven’t got time to write your own list, then print mine above and pop it in your wallet or purse.)

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  1. Hi Lista, It depends, i sometimes use the blogs as a reflective practice after client sessions and other times i just start and whatever comes to mind so about an hour!
    Hope you enjoy, follow and like us on facebook to get the latest feeds!

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