The law of attraction ….ABUNDANCE

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Do you think about why you attract what you attract into your life ?

What does abundance mean to you ?

For me abundance means a life filled with things that bring me joy….good balanced relationships with friends and family. People who give me back the  positive energy and time that i give to them. Letting the draining people out of my life  (or limiting the time i spend here). Good health , vibrancy and good food.

Going back to money and material things…..sometimes we lack abundance in life because we live in a fear based place…of never having enough.  In fact , not having enough money is what brings up the most fears  in most people.

Fear this word is such a blockage to us fulfilling our dreams.

Fear, in every form that it ‘hides’ in is ALWAYS a block or a limit on what you can REALLY manifest.

Fear becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.What you think about is what you bring about.

The secret to abundance and the law of attraction begins with reminding yourself that there is no limitation in the universe. There is always enough to go around. There is plenty for everyone, enough money, enough love, enough time when you tap into it.

As you begin to allow yourself to live by this law you are putting out to the universe what you really want and the universe responds in accordance.

So if you want more of anything give it out and watch it come back tenfold.

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Be free…Be happy!

Have an abundant Easter!!!


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