Some tips for you to achieve your goals.

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Hi All,

As we feel motivated by spring and the new beginnings it brings you may use this time to reflect on how you feel about where you are in your life right now.

Do you really want to achieve your goals ?

How do you feel about the task of achieving your dreams and goals?

Be honest with yourself.
Have you ever found yourself stuck in a rut of never quite getting to the dream / goal, or looping and repeating the same mistakes over and over ?
Maybe you gave yourself a goal and a time line and set off with this goal in mind but no real clear path on how to get there.
So in fact you were unprepared for the journey towards your dreams and goals…and as you didn’t have a clear path you missed the target and then were ultimately faced with disappointment, fear, anger, self blame, guilt etc. and then ultimately you may even give up on those dreams… disheartened, never to try again!
What is the difference between the people who achieve their dreams and those who get stuck in the loop cycle ?

Well in my experience with getting clients clear planning and clarity of what is important are key.


Some of the things you may consider are : –

1. What is the most important focus for you right now ? (this is also called the big picture goal).

2. Is there a timeframe ?

3. What would your life look like when you have achieved the goal (try to imagine this from different perspectives) ?

4. What are the upsides of achieving the goal ?

5. What are the downsides of achieving the goal ?

6. Do you need support or guidance to help get you there ?

There are many more questions to consider , this will get you going though!

Also the timing is very important and we often make new years resolutions only to break them because this time of year is about hibernation, stillness, not doing and we should really make plans for new beginnings in the spring. When we think about the seasons they really reflect how we should think about starting new tasks towards our positive goals. If you plan an

Spring – A time of newness , thinking about how we are going to grow and expand into where we wish to be. This is the time to take action!

Summer – So now we find the bloom and everything is in the full swing of life!

Autumn – You can begin to harvest the fruits of your journey now, shedding the old completely as it becomes time to prepare for the winter.

Winter – Now you can rest and reflect if you need to modify the plan to achieve the deam / goal. The most successful people reflect , reevaluate and update their plans as goals change. Then you can rest in the knowledge that spring will bring forth new and exciting life again.

As you understand the natural laws of your own success you will easily achieve what you set our minds on.

What you can perceive , you can achieve!

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Many thanks for reading.
Have an amazing day.

Be free…Be happy!


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