Letting go of Blame and Judgement

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Hi All, welcome back to our blog – this week Letting go of Blame and Judgement.

This week i have been working a lot with letting go of blame and judgement as a default setting.

Have you noticed that the world in which we live is set up as a blame culture ?

Whether you look at news, politics , the workplace , family or our own life circumstances it operates on blame and judgement. When you analysis it objectively you can see how the world (and our world) absolves responsibility by playing the blame and judgement game.
The problem with living unconsciously in this blame and judgement way of being is that it:

  • Creates a low vibration within our own energy field. Guilt is one of the lowest human frequencies with a resonance #30 (versus neutrality #200). Can you see how poisonous this is!
  • Leads to power loss as we absolve ourselves of responsibility. Lack of accountability for our actions means we become a victim of our circumstance.
  • Creates a superiority complex as we believe that we are better than others if they are at fault.
  • Leads to negative emotions (anger, bitterness , resentment, ego , disconnection). Negative emotions are stored in our tissue and eventually lead to illness and dis-ease.
  • Is frankly a waste of valuable energy.

If you just look within your own life , can you see situations where Blame and judgement show up?

Look at a situation where you played the blame and judgment game.
What outcome could have manifested if your world view changed from blame and judgement to acceptance, compassion , willingness and forgiveness?

What potential could you manifest within your own life , your own body and your own mind by just having an awareness of where you are playing the game?
Our awareness of our blocks is the path to freedom and healing.

Thank you for reading.

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