Abundant Energy

Abundant Energy – How much energy do you waste?

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Abundant Energy Hi All, Welcome back to our blog – Abundant Energy.

How much energy do you waste?

How we tap into our energy and how we use our energy impacts on our reality.

  • How much of your creative energy is being wasted in negative spaces ?
  • How much energy do you waste in shame ?
  • How much energy do you waste in trying to control things ?
  • How much energy do you waste in guilt ?
  • How much energy do you waste worrying abut what others think of you ?

The energy that you are using is designing the truth for you.
This precious energy is creating the architecture of your life.
You are sculpting the reality of your next moment with your current thought.
The great thing about this is that you can design your future destiny.
When the energy is aligned with your soul energy it becomes your reality.
When that energy moves through your heart it becomes your reality.

Abundant Energy – How much energy do you waste?

I have witnessed this countless times in my work, in my own life. Just look at some of the testimonials here .
Real people , altering their biology their field and designing their destinies.
These people are special , and so are you…. this is your birth right. You were born with this along with every other person reading this.
You are a container of un-harvested potential , this is your truth.
Thank you for reading.
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