Shadow Work

Shadow Work

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Hi All, welcome back to our blog – Shadow Work.

Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom.
Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.”
Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching
Isn’t this a powerful quote.

Do we really take the time to know ourselves, to master who we really are.
We take time to know and master others for many reasons.
We get to know others for common ground, understanding, compassion, to make them happy, to fulfil their desires, to push them to achieve.
If you often find you feel misunderstood, that you do not fit in, that you are unheard, that others do not know what your heart desires then the chances are that you have focussed on mastering others over yourself.

There is nothing at all wrong with mastering others, it is intelligent and a wonderful strength.

However, getting to know yourself begins and ends with what i call shadow work.

Shadow work is not very pleasant , so we avoid it or we may even fear it.

More people than not will go through the whole of their lives not doing this work.

  • Shadow work involves going to the deepest parts of your soul.
  • Shadow work involves being truly honest with all of your flaws, weaknesses . Once you surface those parts then you can learn to heal,  accept and then love those parts within you.
  • Shadow work has no space for the blame game.
  • Shadow work means that the book stops with you. Full Accountability.
  • Shadow work involves having the courage to do something with all of that information when it comes into the light. That is true healing.
  • Shadow work means seeing honestly where you are being triggered. Knowing what you are avoiding, sidestepping or needing validation for etc

True healing requires us to really go there.

True healing acknowledges what moves you. It understands the core of what makes you happy or sad.

It identifies to allow you to learning how to deal with your fears.

It brings the shadows into light so you can find out and discover how you truly feel about yourself.

Shadow work is a transformative worthwhile life journey requiring time, perseverance and courage.

Getting to know yourself means you have to dive into the depths of your soul, in an honest and accepting way.

It is about learning from your past experiences, letting them go through forgiving yourself and others, acceptance of your weaknesses and then learning how to love all of it.

As a Shamanic Practitioner the most ‘terrifying’ (it was just a perception creating my reality ) and ‘transformative’ (it IS a perception creating my abundant reality) work i have done has been Shadow Work. Those of you who have taken this journey with me know that the transformation is liberating, empowering , freeing. You also know that the fear once you brought it into the light had no power at all. We will always have shadows, however over time you start to notice them and therefor manage the outcomes more successfully.

Shadows are our greatest teachers if we are prepared to go to that dark shape and admit it as much a part of you as the light.

Thank you for reading.
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shadow work
shadow work