Play Every Day

Play Every Day

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Hi All,

Welcome back to our blog. Play Every Day

One of the most amazing things we have within our armoury is imagination which is perspective untethered for your grown up mind!

The ability to tap into our imagination allows a vast pool of energy to be used which can create an abundance of future based perspectives.

As a Life Coach the beginning of the work i do with clients involves opening the reservoirs of the mind . We need to play every day to release this fresh abundant imaginative energy.


I see clients begin this journey feeling stuck, blocked , untrusting, unable to see the end result and feeling that their imagination is something childish or silly.

I witness the transformation of both energy and also results as they release and grow that imagination into dreams that then become plans and strategies that then manifest into abundant results in every area of their lives.

Once you tap into it it becomes effortless to create new goals, change things that seem impossible or just do something different. The mind gets used to new patterns once they are programmed into the subconsious.

I truly believe that keeping our creative juices flowing keeps us vitally alive.

Play Every Day
Play Every Day


The secret of newness in life is not to do new things constantly, but to see everything you do with new eyes, new insights and a new perspective.


Play Every Day!

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